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Erwin Panofsky (1892 - 1968)

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In his Meaning in the Visual Arts (1955), Erwin Panofsky explains the difference between a connoisseur and an art historian: "The connoisseur might be defined as a laconic art historian, and the art historian as a loquacious connoisseur."


Erwin Panofsky (1892 - 1968) was a German art historian and essayist often credited with the founding of the academic iconography.

Active in the Marburg School in Germany, which included Ernst Cassirer and Aby Warburg.

Beginning in 1935, and for the rest of his life, he taught at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton Township, New Jersey.

He was also friends with Wolfgang Pauli, one of the main contributors to quantum physics and atomic theory.


  • Perspective as Symbolic Form (1927)
  • Studies in Iconology (1939)
  • The Life and Art of Albrecht Dürer (1943)
  • Early Netherlandish Painting (1953)
  • Meaning in the Visual Arts (1955)
  • Renaissance and Renascences in Western Art (1962)

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    Meaning in the Visual Arts (1955) - Erwin Panofsky

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