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Gay music

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Do Ya Wanna Funk (1982) Sylvester [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Was disco gay music? Not exclusively, but there are some notable gay people in disco, such as Sylvester, Giorgio Moroder and Patrick Cowley. Read more at http://www.brumm.com/gaylib/disco/


Gay music is hard to define. My not so strict definition of gay music is music made by/for/about gay people.

Singers/performers who were/are popular with a gay audience: Barry Manilow, Barbara Streisand, Ann Christy.

Some noteable gay people in disco, such as Sylvester, Giorgio Moroder and Patrick Cowley.

Gay Themed Disco Songs

  1. South Shore Commission - Free Man
  2. Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way

Gay anthem

A gay anthem is a song, usually of the dance music genre that has become widely popular among or has been associated with the gay community; usually gay men. Gay anthem lyrics are usually marked with pride, defiance or hope against the odds. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay_anthem [May 2005]

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An Encyclopaedia of Gay and Lesbian Recordings [...]

McLaren, Jay. An encyclopaedia of gay and lesbian recordings. Limited ed. Amsterdam: J. McLaren, c1992.

Cover title. "An index of published recordings of music and speech expressing themes relevant to gay men and lesbians." Includes bibliography. RR ML156.4.G4M2 1992. Gays--Songs and music--Discography.

Gay Cinema [...]

Disco [...]

The music was getting better all the time, and somehow, imperceptibly, the music we heard in gay bars seemed to be becoming "our music." Black people played it in their clubs as well, for it sprang forth from both of our communities. Perhaps in urban areas it was also a straight white phenomenon - there are those who nowadays maintain this - but in the Midwest, near as I could tell, it was not the music of straight white people. --http://www.brumm.com/gaylib/disco/

Gay hip hop

[...] What hasn't changed is the gap between rap and house, an antipathy which exists between these two forms of soul music. [...] According to Frankie Knuckles, this goes to the core of attitudes towards gays, especially amongst the black community. "The fact that house got started in the gay clubs makes it tough for some of them to deal with it." This is about more than musical taste; for Frankie, it goes to the core of the future of minority groups in the US. And, ironically, it's rap, with all of its violence and too-frequent lapses into intolerance and homophobia, that has pushed things along. --Frankie Knuckles


  1. Giorgio Moroder -- E=MC2 [1 CD, Amazon US]
    German reissue of the disco legend's 1980 album for Casablanca. Billed as the first electronic live-to-digital album. Eight tracks including two bonus tracks, 'Love's In You, Love's In Me' & 'Evolution'. 2001 release.
    Digitally remastered edition of the holy grail of most Moroderphiles. This was the meister producer at his peak, with 'Evolution', 'Wanna Rock You', 'In My Wildest Dreams' and of course, the title track.

  2. Sylvester - Do Ya Wanna Funk[1 cd, Amazon US]
    This cd which is released on the Canadian label Unidisc was originally released (on L.P.) on the Megatone label in 1982. Electronic synthesizer master Patrick Cowley (who died in the early 80's) was an innovator in this hi-nrg electronic sound (as was Giorgio Moroder in the 70's) and both Sylvester and Cowley make the perfect combination. Sylvester with his gospel high searing vocals and Cowley's melodic synthesizers. This cd includes all the hits (Do you wanna Funk, Don't Stop and Be with You) plus the remix versions, some of which were only available as import 12" records from Europe. The sound quality is nothing less than superb. If you enjoyed hi-nrg music from the 80's such as Miquel Brown, Hazel Dean, The Flirtations, Bobby O, Lime, etc. then you'll love this disc. Highly Recommended! -- barrycrist for Amazon.com -- [...]

  3. Megatron Man - Patrick Cowley[1 CD, Amazon US]
    1. Megatron Man 2. Thank God for Music 3. Menergy 4. Get a Little 5. Lift Off 6. I Wanna Take You Home 7. Sea Hunt 8. Teen Planet 9. If You Feel It 10. Megatron Man '87 11. Megatron Man [Radio Edit]

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