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According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word homophobia in the meaning "fear or hatred of homosexuals and homosexuality" was first used in print in Time Magazine in 1969.


The term homophobia means a "fear of or contempt for homosexuality or homosexuals" or the fear of becoming homosexual. It is derivable from the words homosexual and phobos (meaning "fear" or "panic" in Greek). The term itself is, however, often broadened to encompass other feelings such as aversion to, disagreement with, disapprobation of, disparagement of, or discrimination against homosexual people, their lifestyle, their sexual behavior, or culture [1] and is generally used to assert bigotry. Opposition to same-sex sex on religious, moral, or political grounds is also often labeled homophobic. It may be found confusing, but the literal meaning of the term homophobia is a fear of ones own gender. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homophobia [Mar 2006]

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Homophobia (2002) - Lionel Bernard

Homophobia (Lionel Bernard, France, 2000): Within minutes after the first shots of this documentary, the viewer has been confronted with a wide array of nicknames and curses which testify to the homophobia in countries all over the world. While overly racist acts are almost universally condemned at least in words, many societies still do not even have anti-discrimination laws for homosexuals.

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