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For the 1956 novel by Catherine Robbe-Grillet and eponymous film by Radley Metzger see The Image.

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Image-Music-Text (1977) - Roland Barthes (essays selected and translated by Stephen Heath)
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In Image-Music-Text Stephen Heath collects Barthes's best writings on photography and the cinema, as well as fascinating articles on the relationship between images and sound. Two of Barthes's most important essays, "Introduction to the Structural Analysis of Narrative" and the 1968 "The Death of the Author" are also included in this fine anthology, an excellent introduction to his thought.

Mona Lisa (c. 1506-1507) - Leonardo da Vinci

Image (art)

An image (from Latin imago) or picture is a visual reproduction of an object or a person, either by using technology, or by artistic methods such as drawing or painting. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image [Mar 2004]

The image as commodity

Guy Debord was the spokesperson for the Situationists International, social critics who, in the 1960s, were the first to suggest that image was the real commodity in our society and that image would replace more traditional goods in the economy of the future. To understand image as commodity, just consider the entire world of television -- from the advertisers conflating their every product with sex, to the stars, their PR firms, and the gossip industry that makes them who we think they are. Also consider the consumer of television images and what he or she is purchasing from the couch. The Situationist concept of the "society of the spectacle" -- in which living is replaced by viewing -- maps perfectly to our culture of virtuality. The Situationists might be considered partly responsible for the smug superiority and intolerance of today's politically correct. --R.U. Sirius

Image (religion)

In religion, an image is an idol or icon. --wikipedia.org, Jan 2004

Image (philosophy)

In philosophy, an image is a conception or idea. --wikipedia.org, Jan 2004

Image (psychology)

In social psychology an image is a representation.

Still (n.)

A still photograph, especially one taken from a scene of a movie and used for promotional purposes. --AHD

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