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John McCready


I first met John McCready in the mid nineties when he sent me an email inquiring if I knew the origins of the Loft Classics vinyl series that were on the market at the time. I helped him along with the help of my online friends. Afterwards, when John did not have a site yet, I found his excellent 'Bluffers' Guide to Dub' and published it. Sadly enough, John asked me to remove the article last year. It is still available on his site. [May 2003]


Over the last 15 years John has written for THE FACE, NME, ID, MOJO and The OBSERVER among many others. He was the acclaimed press officer for the influential dance label Network Records and is ofter named as an authority on the birth of club culture and house music. The former Hacienda DJ is currently working on the official NEW ORDER Web Site and as a music consultant for the TV production company Planet Wild.

Bluffer's Guide to Dub

'Bluffers Guide to Dub' This piece originally featured in Jockey Slut magazine and was written to serve as an introduction to those who had heard the word dub bandied about but had little idea of what it really was. It features a track listing for a complimentary tape I made to convince the editors of the strength of the idea. They must have been convinced because they never returned it.

His Site John McCready's site with collected music journalism.

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