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Lowlands Records

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A label for original music in any style, that's the brand forged by Tom Deweerdt, aka DJ Low. As soon as Antwerp / Belgium, based lowlands was established as a distribution unit for record labels, it kind of naturally happened that also being a record label was the next step. The choice of a record maniac, closely working together with artists who matter: vocalist Anna Homler , composer/samplemaster David Shea , the unique sounding cro magnon , Pierre Bastien 's Mecanium or the Gent's finest in contemporary music Fukkeduk . Inventive music with no budget, but tons of passion and artistry.

Downsall Plastics

Downsall Plastics is described as "a sub-label from Lowlands Records for the more danceable stuff, but still with a hard edge". Working under the creative auspices of Belgian record distributor Lowlands, the distribution company run by DJ Low and posse, Downsall Plastics focuses on innovative danceable music ranging from tripdub, to technogroove to jazzweirdphunkhouse to anything else. Among the artists working with this very cool little label are David Shea , DJ Grazzhoppa , Dubtales , Buscemi , Kretek and Little A´da/ DJ Vadim. Some of the releases are put together under the banner of 'Belgique Musique'. The Downsall sampler is a fair introduction to the work of many of these artists, giving an idea of the spirit of the label.

  • Buscemi, Kretek, Dubtales, Fantastico All Stars, Eavesdropper, Cinerex, Pril, From Scratch, David Shea
  • http://stage.vitaminic.nl/downsall_plastics/


    Eclectic project that dances 'round the edges of techno & pop, groove & lounge. The roots of CinÚrex can be traced to 1994, when Kelvin Smits (club-DJ who released some stuff in the early nineties as Kelvin, Astrospider, Nuts on Mars ...) and Tom Barman (singer of the group dEUS) started a cooperation called General Electrique. The result of these two different musical currents was a bunch of demo-tapes with a hypnotizing mixture on it. Although the project raised quite a few expectations, there was no release on cd. Meanwhile, Kelvin started searching for like-minded people in the belgian underground techno-scene. He found these in Sebastien Kalinji, aka DJ Bobo - one of the founders of the label Wonka Records - and in Tomy Rombouts - who had some success with the techo-project Digital Excitation but evolved later to a "post-post modernist soundscaper"). With two ladies, Ivy Smits (previously in bands such as Mind The Gap & Fever) and the American Alissa Kueker (ex-Skylab 2000, Bassland ...) the group CinÚrex (after a famous movie building in Antwerp) was founded. The group started recording immediately (from 1995 to 1997), and this is the result. There were insurmountable troubles arose with the "clearance" of a number of samples on which they built their songs. After a series of endless negotiations with the owners, they ended up dropping all the samples." Live, the group tours as "CinÚrex Sound System", a changing group of DJ's.

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