Mondo Grosso

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Mondo Grosso

Shinichi Osawa
Mondo Grosso formed in Kyoto in 1989 with Shinichi Osawa as the bandleader and bassist. The groupís self-titled debut was released in 1993 (For Life Records), and drew the attention of many music lovers around the world, leading to a full concert tour of Europe. By 1996 Mondo Grosso had evolved into a collaborative effort centered around Osawa. As such, Mondo Grosso has released four albums (including one live recording), nine singles, and a remix album. Shinichi Osawa is also well-established as a producer, as has worked with such artists as UA (" Rhythm"; 1996), Chara (" Junior Sweet"; 1997), and Monday Michiru ("You Make Me"; 1998). Officially signed to Sony Music, Osawa also runs his own label, Real Eyes, home to Japanese R&B diva Bird. Osawa also hosts a radio show on J-WAVE called "Murphy & Apollo" (every Sunday night at 8pm), as well as DJ-ing and promoting club events held in Shibuya at The Room and Aoyama Rojak.

Shuya Okino, the older one of the Kyoto Jazz Massive brothers, used to be the creative director of Mondo Grosso, Monday Michiru and many other Japanese acts.


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