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Films with mute protagonists: Ms. 45 (1981)

Mute Witness (1994) - Anthony Waller

  • Mute Witness (1994) - Anthony Waller [Amazon.com]
    A mute makeup artist working on a slasher film in Moscow is locked in the studio after hours. While trying to get out the building she witnesses a brutal murder as a snuff film is being made, and she must run for her life. She struggles to stay alive so she can convince authorities of what she's seen. -- amazon.com

    Sticking around the set after the rest of the crew has gone home for the evening, Billy accidentally stumbles across the making of what she first thinks is a cheap porno flick but quickly determines is a real-life "snuff film," as the female star is brutally stabbed to death by her partner while the cameraman continues shooting.
    The pair of killers discover that someone has witnessed their death shoot, and from this point on the picture basically traces Billy's efforts at (i) staying alive with the baddies on her trail, and (ii) convincing others (including her sister's boyfriend and the Russian police) that what she witnessed was not just a fictional murder. --Steven Jay Schneider for Central Europe Review

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