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New wave

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New Wave is a term that has been used to describe many developments in music, but is most commonly associated with a movement in American, Australian, British, Canadian and European popular music, in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The genre was most popular during the 1980s, but became somewhat popular again during the 2000s. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_wave_music [Jan 2006]

The New Wave is a movement in American and British popular music, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, growing out of the New York City musical scene centred around the club CBGB's.

The term itself is a source of much confusion. Originally, the term "new wave" was interchangeable with punk rock though they quickly diverged into two different, though related forms. The term was then applied indiscriminately to to any of the bands that followed in punks wake without relying on punks faster, harder & louder ethos; throwing together many different musical styles and attitudes. Eventually, New Wave came to imply a less noisy, poppier sound, while the term Post punk was coined to describe the artier, less pop influenced groups. Although distinct, punk, new wave and post punk all shared common ground, as a energetic reaction to slick, uninspired popular music of the 1970s; and many groups fit easily into two or all three of the categories over their lifespan. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_wave_music [2003/2004]

Lester Bangs quote

I mean in a way as much as I disliked most disco, one thing I do find distressing in the new wave scene is the racism that just absolutely refuses to recognise any black music besides (ha ha) Reggae, you know cause that’s hip. -- Lester Bangs


For the 1981 Village Voice Pazz and Jop Critics' Poll, Lester Bangs turned in a blank ballot, protesting the worthless state of rock and roll. New Wave has terminated in thudding hollow Xeroxes of poses that aren't even annoying anymore," he wrote. "Rap is nothing, or not enough. Jazz does not exist as a musical form with anything new to say. And the rest of rock is recycling various formulae forever. I don't know what I'm going to write about - music is the only thing in the world I really care about - but I simply cannot pretend to find anything compelling in the choice between pap and mud."

Neue Deutsche Welle

Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave, often abbreviated NDW) was a style of German music originally derived from Punk and New Wave in 1976. The term "Neue Deutsche Welle" was first coined by journalist Alfred Hilsberg, whose article about the movement titled "Neue Deutsche Welle - Aus grauer Städte Mauern" was published in the magazine Sounds in 1979. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neue_Deutsche_Welle


  1. The B-52's (1979) - B-52's [Amazon.com]
    This record shook up the snoozing world of rock in 1979, becoming a truly classic disc, one full of landmark moments and heavy with possibilities. Most "real" rockers in the late '70s tried hard to ignore the Sex Pistols and the Clash, claiming the punk tumult was a merely a fad; but fun-loving types couldn't resist the magnificent hooks and grooves of the B-52's debut. They fell into the "new wave" while dancing their tushes off. The magnificent "Rock Lobster" remains unmatched in terms of its relentless, spastic power to move one's feet; ditto "52 Girls," with its nod to '60s trash rock. A Cramps-ish guitar grinds through "Lava," which features his-and-hers innuendo-laden lyrics. "I'm not no limburger!" goes one line from "Dance This Mess Around," but you just never question why. Brilliant. --Lorry Fleming for amazon.com

  2. Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! (1978) - Devo [Amazon US]
    When Devo's debut album came out in 1978, nobody knew what to make of the mutant new-wave quintet from Akron, Ohio. With Brian Eno's skillful production, Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh, Jerry and Bob Casale, and Alan Myers emerged fully formed and outrageous with their razor-sharp social commentary and exhibition of subversive media savvy. Beyond their industrial uniforms and pseudo-devolved demeanor, Devo also happened to be a rocking little band. Classic rave-outs like "Mongoloid," "Jocko Homo," and "Uncontrollable Urge" illustrate the band's perky-jerky intensity. On their inimitable cover of the Rolling Stones' youth anthem, "Satisfaction," Devo's avant-garde robot funk takes the song to a new level of alienation and discontent. While the band went on to greater fame, this was the only album they made that truly mattered. --Mitch Meyers for Amazon.com

  3. Warm Leatherette (1978) - Normal [Amazon US]
    The Normal = one Daniel Miller, the eventual head of Mute Records. From this initial single sprang one of the most important labels in modern, trendsetting music from the late 1970s onward, one which gave us Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, Einsturzende Neubauten, and very much so on. This is a raw piece of work, bedroom-recorded, and very much a part of the industrial outgrowths of the UK punk scene, like similar efforts by Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Robert Rental, Thomas Leer, and others. Imagine a garage-band Kraftwerk, and you'll get the idea. The sad thing about this meager single, though, is that there's more to the Daniel Miller oeuvre than this, and it's nigh-impossible to get, such as an intense and exposed-nerve-raw live set by Miller (as The Normal) and Robert Rental which was released on Rough Trade c. 1980. So, this gets five stars, both for content and historical import, but a full compilation of The Normal et al would likely get a theoretical six. --DAC Crowell for amazon.com
  4. No New York /Brian Eno (1978) - VA [Amazon US]
    1. Dish It Out-James Chance & The Contortions 2. Flip Your Face-James Chance & The Contortions 3. Jaded-James Chance & The Contortions 4. I Can't Stand Myself-James Chance & The Contortions 5. Burning Rubber-Teenage Jesus And The Jerks 6. The Closet-Teenage Jesus And The Jerks 7. Red Alert-Teenage Jesus And The Jerks 8. I Woke Up Dreaming-Teenage Jesus And The Jerks 9. Helen Fordsdale-Mars 10. Hairwaves-Mars 11. Tunnel-Mars 12. Puerto Rican Ghost-Mars 13. Egomaniac's Kiss-D.N.A. 14. Lionel-D.N.A. 15. Not Moving-D.N.A. 16. Size-D.N.A.

    Japanese release of 1978 release that highlight's the cream of New York's experimental no wave scene of the late 1970s, compiled and produced by Brian Eno. 4 tracks each from 4 bands including James Chance & The Contortions, Teenage Jesus And The Jerks (feat. Lydia Lunch), Mars and D.N.A. (feat. Arto Lindsay).


  1. Serie Noire (2002) - Various Artists [Amazon UK]
    1. Unit - Logic System 2. Jamaica running - Pool 3. Adventures in success - Powers, Will 4. Mammagamma (instrumental version) - Parsons, Alan Project 5. Flesh - Split Second 6. Euroshima - Snowy Red 7. Looking from a hilltop - Wardance 7 Section 25 8. Funkatarium - Jump (2) 9. Miura - Metro Area 10. Hypnotic tango (instrumental version) - My Mine 11. Film 2 - Grauzone 12. 8.15 to nowhere - Vicious Pink 13. Bus - Executive Slacks 14. End - Carpenter, John 15. Big man restless - Kissing The Pink 16. Nothing is true everything is permitted - Peron, Carlos 17. Shake the mind - C-Cat Trance

    The ‘Serie Noire’ series presents a historical overview of key electronic cuts from the past, which are influencing the producers and DJs of today. Specific attention is paid to the brooding, dark electronics of the Belgian new beat scene, which emerged out of clubs like Ghent’s Boccaccio and Antwerp’s AB.

  2. Serie Noire 2 (2003) - Various Artists [Amazon UK]
    1. Boytronic - Bryllyant 2. Savage Progress - My Heart Begins To Beat 3. Blancmange - The Game Above My head 4. The Nick Straker Band - Straight Ahead (Instr. Reprise) 5. Green Fridge Music - Da Best 6. Precious - Definition Of A Track 7. Adonis - No Way Back 8. Crash Course In Science - Flying Turns 9. Green Velvet - Coitus 10. Die Warzau - Strike To The Body (Lil Louis' Body Blow) 11. Mr. Fingers - I'm Strong (instr.) 12. Liaisons Dangereuses - Peut être...pas 13. Giorgio Moroder - Evolution 14. Easy Going - Fear 15. Bobby O - She Has A Way 16. Sandy Steel - Mind Your Own Business 17. P.I.L. - Death Disco (Megga Mix) 18. Rheingold - Dreiklangsdimensionen 19. The Passions - I'm In Love With A German Filmstar

    The ‘Serie Noire’ series presents a historical overview of key electronic cuts from the past, which are influencing the producers and DJs of today. Specific attention is paid to the brooding, dark electronics of the Belgian new beat scene, which emerged out of clubs like Ghent’s Boccaccio and Antwerp’s AB. Eskimo Records [...]

  3. Aktion Mekanik (2003) - Various Artists [Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    1 Nitzer Ebb - Warszaw Ghetto (4:48) 2 Crash Course In Science - Cardboard Lamb (2:27) 3 No More - Suicide Commando (3:20) 4 Normal, The - Warm Leatherette (3:19) 5 Fad Gadget - Coitus Interruptus (4:39) 6 Klinik - Hours + Hours (5:32) 7 Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft - Verschwende Deine Jugend (3:48) 8 Invincible Limit, The - Push ! (3:551) 9 Skinny Puppy - Assimilate (3:47) 10 Crash Course In Science - Flying Turns (3:00) 11 Liaisons Dangereuses - Mystère Dans Le Brouillard (3:49) 12 Front 242 - Kampfbereit (3:20) 13 Neon Judgement, The - TV Treated (5:00) 14 Psyche - The Crawler (2:16) 15 A Split Second - Flesh (Remix) (2:43) 16 Snowy Red - Euroshima / Werdance (4:15) 17 Terence Fixmer - Aktion Mekanik Theme (6:22)

Liaisons Dangereuses (1981) - Liaisons Dangereuses

  • Liaisons Dangereuses (1981) - Liaisons Dangereuses [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    1. Mystere Dans le Brouillard 2. Les Ninos Del Parque 3. Etre assis ou danser 4. Aperitif de la mort 5. Kess kill fe show 6. Peut etre... pas 7. Avant apres Mars 8. Ce macho y la nena 9. Dupont 10. Liaisons Dangereuses

    Formed in 1981, the group was composed of Beate Bartel, later a member of DAF, and Chris Haas with vocalist Krishna Goineau and recorded their music in the studio of famed Kraut-rock producer Conrad Plank. These references- EBM, DAF, and Krautrock- only begin to tell the tale of exactly where this group was coming from. Tape manipulations, no wave, post-punk, all of these terms apply to a certain extent, as well. But taxonomy isn’t the point here- this group was a one-of-a-kind entity and their reputation doesn’t rely on their obscurity, but rather the quality of the music. --Todd Burns, http://www.stylusmagazine.com/review.php?ID=600

    New Religion a Secret History (2003) - Various Artists

  • New Religion a Secret History (2003) - Various Artists [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    1. Hypnotic Tango (Instrumental Version) - My Mine 2. Problemes D'Amour - Alexander Robotnick 3. Temporary Secretary - Paul McCartney 4. Frequency 7 (Dance Mix) - Visage 5. Peut Etre...Pas - Liaisons Dangereuses 6. Secret Life - Material 7. Riot In Lagos - Riuchi Sakamoto 8. Brainwash - Telex 9. Wonderful (Disco Dub Mix) - Klein & M.B.O. 10. Hot On The Heels Of Love - Throbbing Gristle 11. I.C. Love Affair (Italian Version) - Gaz Nevada

    Oh yeah, there is plenty of Italian Italian disco but some of the biggest Italian Disco records are from Canada. Make of that what you will! People site I-F's Mixed up at the Hague as THE italo-disco primer but that's just because it has a few, but really there's as much non italo, Patrick Cowley represents San Francisco, Pluton and the Humanoids' Space Invasion, which most think is Italo, is french canadian, etc etc. And I'd say you're right, Space's Magic Fly, later covered by the obviously French Canadian Kebekelektrik as well as another Frenchie, Cerrone were major influences on Italo-disco, in that they were Space Disco. Also see Disco Circus by Martin Circus, 15 minutes of French funk. But that's a tangent. I'm supposed to put something together soon for a friend's site, will forward. Here's the cream of the crop of ITALIAN Italo-disco, according to my tastes/whims, top o' the head, briefly from what I see as 3 period of Italo, big orchestral Morricone cinematic Italo of 78-82, dark space electro italo of 82-84 (the prime) and big pop new wave freestyle Italo of 84-86: -- Dan Selzer http://www.woebot.com/movabletype/archives/000039.html

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