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Paradise Garage

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84 King Street, Soho, NYC, building that housed the Paradise Garage


Paradise Garage

Paradise Garage was the legendary New York night club where for more than 10 years Larry Levan held court. Quite a number of today's most successful producers and DJs credit their first exposure to Larry's music at the Paradise Garage as a moment that changed their lives forever and inspired their whole careers.

  • The Paradise Garage is a notable club in the history of modern nightclub culture. It was located at 84 King Street, New York City and operated from 1977 to 1987 and it was the playground of DJ Larry Levan. It was actually constructed in an old parking garage, hence the name. The Paradise Garage was heavily influenced by another club that had come before it known as The Loft, which was run by David Mancuso.

    The sound system was developed by Richard Long and Associates (RLA) and was said by those that attended to be the best in New York City at that time. The style of the sound system has become the model for sound systems the world over and has been copied by superclubs such as the Ministry of Sound in the United Kingdom. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradise_Garage [Jan 2005]

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    The Paradise Garage

    From disco classics like MFSB's 'Love Is The Message' (A Garage Anthem) to unreserved rock freakouts like Steve Miller Band's 'Macho Citry', Larry Levan threw the lot into the Garage melting pot creating a stirring brew of rhythmic intensity. Levan was the original balearic DJ before most people even knew where the Balearics were.

    The Peech Boys 'Don't Make Me Wait' and 'Something Special' were both Garage favorites as well as becoming great records on their own right elsewhere, while mixes such as 'Heartbeat' by Taana Gardner pre-empted the house sound with its stripped-to-the-beat sound.

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    Paradise Garage

    The Paradise Garage is still considered as the most legendary club of club culture history. It was located at 84 King Street, New York and from 1977 till 1987, it was the playground of one Larry Levan. The club gave its name to garage music, New York's flavor of underground dance music. 1000+ classic tracks that were championed by Larry at the Garage


  • http://www.disco-disco.com/clubs/paradise.html


    1. Larry Levan's Paradise Garage [Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
      I Got My Mind Made Up - Instant Funk | Handsome Man - Sparkle | First Time Around - Skyy | Double Cross - First Choice | The Greatest Performance Of My Life - Loleatta Holloway | How High - Salsoul Orchestra | Make It Last Forever - Inner Life.
      Orginally released as a two 12" promo-pack, this CD brings together the best of Larry Levan's (re) mixes on Salsoul records. Bonus track is 'Make it Last Forever', liner notes by Francois Kevorkian.

    2. Larry Levan Live at the Paradise Garage [Amazon US]
      Track Listings: Disc 1 - 1. Bourgiť Bourgiť - Asford & Simpson - 2. It's Music - Harris, Damon - 3. At Midnight - T Connection - 4. Put Your Body in It - Mills, Stephanie - 5. Dreaming a Dream - Crown Heights Affair - 6. By the Way You Dance (I Never Knew It Was You) - Sigler, Bunny - 7. Right in the Socket - Shalamar - 8. Take Me Home - Cher - 9. Pick Me up, I'll Dance - Moore, Melba - 10. Get on the Funk Train - Munich Machine - 11. Here We Go Again - People's Choice - Disc: 2 - 1. Here We Go Again [Cont.] - People's Choice - 2. Bad Mouthin' - Motown Sounds - 3. Let Yourself Go - Supremes - 4. Angel in My Pocket - Change - 5. Smack Dab in the Middle - McClain, Janice - 6. Sun.. Sun... Sun... - Jakki - 7. Trinidad - Gibbs, John - 8. My First Mistake - Chi-Lites - 9. Erucu - Jackson, Jermaine
      Live set by Larry Levan at the Paradise Garage. Personal favourites include Sun Sun Sun, Trinidad, Right in the Socket, It's Music. Very informative 38 page booklet included with good liner notes.

    3. Larry Levan's Classic West End Records Made Famous by the Paradise Garage [Amazon US]
      1. Heartbeat (Taana Gardner) - 2. Serious, Sirius, Space Party (Ednah Holt) - 3. No Frills (Taana Gardner) - 4. Don't Make Me Wait (New York Citi Peech Boys) - 5. Let's Go Dancin' (Sparque) - 6. Is It All Over My Face (Loose Joints) - 7. Work That Body (Taana Gardner) - 8. Give Your Body Up To The Music (Billy Nichols) - 9. When You Touch Me (Taana Gardner)
      Collection of twelves Larry mixed in the seventies for Mel Cheren's West End label. All great stuff. All required in any collection. Don't Make Me Wait and Is It All Over My Face are standout tracks, altho' they can be found on other comps.


    1. My Life and The Paradise Garage : Keep On Dancin' - Mel Cheren [Amazon.com]
      I started this site with a page on Larry Levan, so ... back to the roots? This - so I've heard - is not a great book. For completists only.

      "Stonewall. Gay Liberation. The early days of disco. The Paradise Garage. AIDS. House Music. Finally, a New York Story that is captivating, intriguing, and educational. The sights and sounds of Manhattan will never be the same." -- Michael Paoletta, Dance Music Editor, Billboard Magazine.

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