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Both Vega and Gonzalez were born to parents living in New York (the Bronx and Brooklyn, respectively), though of Puerto Rican heritage. Consequently, both were early influenced by the Big Apple's fertile salsa scene during the '70s.

  • Alfredo De La Fe, mainly known for his underground classic 'Hot To Trot'
  • Joe Bataan In 1974 Joe Bataan recorded an album titled 'Salsoul' on the Mericana label, it appears that this record gave the Salsoul record label its name
  • Manny Oquendo Born in the port section of Brooklyn, New York, he would eventually develop into a master percussionist of Afro-Caribbean rhythms. He especially holds interest as the percussionist with Conjunto Libre and Grupo Folklorico Y Experimental Nuevayorquino
  • Candido Candido shall forever (ahum) be remembered for such club classics as "Jingo", "Thousand Finger Man" and "Dancin' and Prancin'"
  • Mericana rds Founded by The Cayre Brothers. First Release was Tempo 70 in 1972, with material written by Bebu Silvetti -remember Spring Rain? Later, the Cayre brother started the Salsoul record label
  • Rainer Truby

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