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Pirelli 1969 - Harri Peccinotti

Skull with a Cigarette (1886) - Vincent van Gogh

Spanish actress Soledad Miranda, photocredit unidentified

Camels cigarette ad published in the Delineator magazine in 1929
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Fantastic as the movies, the fan magazines, the beauty pageants, and the revues all were, all were also part and parcel of the "New Era" of capitalism. They all paid, particularly the movies. They all designed, packaged, and marketed one of the core products of the 1920s, escapism. Advertising offered the same temporary surcease. At left is an image cropped from a Camels cigarette ad published in the Delineator magazine in 1929. {For the full ad, click on the image.] Like many of the ads of the 1920s it emphasized what the text of this ad called "the art of gracious living." Fashionably dressed, relaxing over coffee after dinner in a luxurious restaurant, a beautiful woman and her unseen companion enjoy a cigarette. She is, we learn from the text, one of those "fortunate people who seem to be born with a flair for living." She has "an instinct for good clothes, good food, good books, and good friends." Naturally she smokes Camels. --http://www.assumption.edu/ahc/Vanities/default.html [Apr 2005]

No Smoking (2004) - Luc Sante

No Smoking (2004) - Luc Sante [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

“Imagine Audrey Hepburn conquering New York without a cigarette (or that absurdly long cigarette holder). Would Jackson Pollock, Bob Fosse, W.H. Auden, or Edward R. Murrow have flourished in a smoke-free city?” The New York Times

Can you imagine Groucho Marx without a cigar?

Do you remember that a few years ago smoking was allowed in airplanes?

Can you tell when New York stopped smoking?

In the not so distant past, posing seductively with a cigarette was de rigueur for Hollywood types. How many celebrities today dare to even hold one? No Smoking is a tribute to the 20th century, a century that created, promoted and glorified the cigarette and then suddenly declared war on it. --from the publisher

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