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The 1977 opening of a diminutive record shop at 4731 White Plains Rd. in New York City marked the foundation of the first essential reggae studio/label in the United States, Wackie’s House of Music. Founded by Jamaican producer Lloyd “Bullwackie” Barnes, Wackie’s House of Music was a haven for aspiring reggae artists, helping not only to support reggae artists, but also to establish a reggae sentiment in the United States. --Craig Terlino in weeklydig.com.


Wackies is an American independent record label specialized in reggae.

Founded by Lloyd Barnes as the Wackie's House Of Music and based on White Plains Road in New York, the name Wackies also include a record shop and a studio. It is considered by some to be the first significant reggae studio and label in the United States.

Most if not all of the original Wackies' recorded releases are out-of-print and in demand among reggae music collectors, though Germans Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, passionate devotees of the label's sound, have undertaken an extensive and ongoing re-issue campaign for the label through an exclusive imprint in the Basic Channel record label family, rightfully called Wackies. To date, the imprint has put out work from artists such as Horace Andy, Wayne Jarrett, Love Joys, The Meditations, and Sugar Minott, as well as several strictly dub releases by Wackies-sponsored bands. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wackies [Nov 2005]

Fan page

That dub got some serious recognition in the 1970's is well documented. Sound systems made and played out their own tunes from their own studios. Initially these studios and many of their representative soundsytems were from Kingstown Jamaica [...]

Much less documented is the steady throughput of musicians and singers and players who have stopped by the studio of Lloyd Barnes’ Bronx based collective later to be collectively known as or "Wackies". [...]

Wackies music has probably been given a higher profile recently as singer songwriter Horace Andy has continued to gain higher profile in the states the UK and Europe with his collaborations with the Bristol based sounds of "Massive Attack" His much earlier works in the U.S. with Lloyd Barnes and crew produced the classic "Dance Hall style" album which for an introduction to Wackies cannot be bettered. -- Smart Monkey

Jackie Mittoo at Wackies

http://training.netgates.co.uk/phil/: One of his [Jackie Mittoo] best recordings was recorded in 1990, the year of his death, the wicked 'Wild Jockey' on Lloyd Barnes New York based Wackies label. Unfortunately this LP is currently unavailable, but Lloyd has recently begun re-issuing his back catalogue on CD, so hopefully we can look forward to a re-issue.

Kodwo Eshun on Thorsten Profrock, Wackies and Basic Channel

[Thorsten] Profrock 's fascination with effects echoes the obsession of Basic Channel's Ernestus and von Oswald with the 80s productions of the Bronx-based reggae producer Lloyd 'Bullwackie' Barnes. In the studio, Barnes would often run entire tracks through a graphic equalizer, softening the bass and exaggerating the mid-frequencies, sending the impact of the beat into a decay pattern, turning the voices of singers like Horace Andy or Wayne Jarrett into sepulchral trebles which would hover across the pulse, ebbing and flowing out of earshot. All these techniques inform the work of both the Basic Channel and Chain Reaction producers. As Thorsten Profrock says, "Dub was a kind of resonance to my soul because everything I like within Techno music, all these effects, these dub people had it. You see a line between dub and Basic Channel. If I listen to Wackie's sound, Wayne Jarrett, Horace Andy [or] these mid-70s recordings by Lee Perry or King Tubby or Prince Far I, it's unbelievable."--The Wire # 169, march 1998


  1. Sing & Shout (1985) - Chosen Brothers [1 CD, Amazon US]
    Track Listing: 1. There You Are 2. Sing & Shout 3. Jah Don't Like That 4. Hey Lady 5. Joy Joy 6. I Gave You Love 7. Dancing In The Rain 8. Mash Down Babylon 9. Back To Africa 10. All Things
    This CD came out in 1985 on the Wackies label, it was reissued by Blood and Fire in 1996. [...]
  2. Bubble Up - Wayne Jarrett [Amazon UK] UK only, excellent, but truly excellent release on Wackies records
  3. Wackies Sampler 1 (2003) - Various Artists [1 CD, Amazon US]
    Track Listings 1. All I Can Say [Edit] - Love Joys 2. Movie Show [Edit] - Junior Delahaye 3. You Rest on My Mind - Naggo Morris 4. You and I - Wayne Jarrett 5. Take It Easy [Edit] - The Meditations 6. Jah Light - Love Joys 7. Time Is Now - Stranger Cole 8. Youth Man [Edit] - Wayne Jarrett 9. African Roots Act 2 Dub - Wackies 10. Stay On Dub - Wackies 11. Wicked a Go Feel It - Sugar Minott 12. Musical Episode - Horace Andy 13. Gimme Back, Pt. 1 - Love Joys 14. Money Money - Horace Andy 15. Jah Natton Dub - Wackies 16. Dub Stew - Wackies 17. Love Is What You Want - Clive Field Marshall 18. This World [Edit] - Leroy Sibbles

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