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White Coaters

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Titles: Language of Love (1969)


"White coaters" due to many of them being narrated by alleged medical "authorities" often wearing white lab coats to add gravity to their presence) were a staple of grindhouse fare for those requiring their cheesy entertainment disguised as a documentary, framing the softcore shenanigans with a stern moral lesson from a social worker, psychiatrist or other authority figure. Many of these films came from the, at the time, sexier and more liberal "Continent" with Germany and Sweden being major (s)exporters. Many were produced and directed by such sexploitation giants as Wolf C. Hartwig, Ernst Hofbauer, Walter Boos and Torgny Wickman. We all owe these gentlemen a debt of gratitude. If not for them some of our parents might never have figured out what to do and then where would we be? --http://www.revengeismydestiny.com/Sex%20Reports.html [Oct 2004]

In those shadowy few years before hardcore pornography became fully legalised in the States, filmmakers had to get their racy material past the censors by showing explicit sex acts in an 'educational context'. As a result, mock documentaries like Pornography in Denmark (1970), The Art of Marriage (1970) and Teenage Sex Fantasies (1972) reared their heads. As expected, these features were little more than standard sex films with some tacked on introduction hosted by a supposed doctor or psychologist (almost always wearing a white coat and usually spouting a European accent), who explains to the horny audience - who just want to get to the action - that what they are about to see will enrich their understanding and appreciation of the mysteries of lovemaking. --http://www.hippocketsleaze.freewebspace.com/photo4.html [Oct 2004]


In the first year or two of the '70s, before all-out XXX action could be shown, many sexploiters produced phoney educational documentaries about sex known as 'white coaters' because the action was often presented by 'actors' posing as doctors in full medical garb. Under this guise, they were able to graphically depict various acts. Sweden's Language of Love 1969 was the first and most earnest of it's kind. BTW, this was the flick De Niro takes his date to in Taxi Driver 1976. "Dirty. Beautiful. Artistic. Trashy. Obscene. Erotic." So bellows our narrator looking like a low rent game show host in Erotography (A History of Pornography Through the Ages) 1971 where he walks us through a make shift museum of what looks like pages torn from an erotic art library book. Many were like travelogues investigating European countries amorous ways like Pornography in Denmark 1970. Following the lead of these pseudo sexual pics focusing on Sweden and Denmark, came Sex Freedom in Germany 1970 an expose of Teutonic kinks. Sexologists the Kronhausers chime in on the debate between what is erotic art and what is pornography. We are shown a still outrageous peformance piece by controversial shock artist Otto Muehl. On Christmas Day 1969 at an art school Muehlís troupe performed Oh Tannenbaum. A Happening with a Christmas Tree, pissing, live sex and the killing of a pig. It caused quite a stir locally. We visit Anima, a kraut-rock duo consisting of a nude woman head to toe in black body paint, free forming on a drumming and a kookie guy jamming out with various clanky noisemakers. Next a hippie commune eat, wear and make out with food. A connection between sports cars and sex is made. We see a hippie 16mm orgy freakout smoker in the making. With a rock score by Apocalypse. Is there Sex after Death? 1971 parodies these sex ed mondos with man-on-the-street interviews and faked scenes at an experimental sex clinic. Written, directed and hosted by the famous prankster Alan Bell. Britian's Naughty! 1971 entertaining explores the differences between the Victorian Era and the Sexual Revolution. --Tom Fitzgerald ©1998-2002AD/Last updated Dec 26th http://www.pimpadelicwonderland.com/eye.html [Oct 2004]

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Selected Filmography

ENTICED AND ENLIGHTENED: THE SEXUAL DESIRES OF THE GERMANS aka Verfuhrt und Aufgeklart: Die Sexuellen Wunsche der Deutschen. German language (C)

ENTICED AND ENLIGHTENED: YOU Ė COMING OF AGE aka Verfuhrt und Aufgeklart - Du. Zwischenzeichen der Sexualitat. German language (C)

ENTICED AND ENLIGHTENED: WHAT MEN NEED TO KNOW aka Verfuhrt und Aufgeklart - Was Manner Nicht Wissen Mussen; La Vie Secrete des Femmes. B&W German language (C)

GIRLS AT THE GYNECOLOGIST (71) aka Madchen Beim Frauenarzt. Outrageous and hilariously misguided entry in Ernst Hofbauerís series of "Report" films. In this one we look at the cases of a number of young women and their plumbing problems as seen through the eyes of the narrator, a moralizing but well meaning gynecologist. Yes, thatís right, itís a "you are there" perspective as the good doc goes spelunking between these galsí knees! And nothing, we mean nothing is left to the imagination! Flashlight? Hell, help me find my car keys and weíll drive out of here! Starring Monika Dahlberg, Jutta Speidel, Christine Schuberth, Sascha Hehn and Rolf Castell. Dubbed in English.

THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE aka Karlekens Sprak. Classic Swedish "white coater" made during the height of the Sexual Revolution. A panel of sexperts discuss various aspects of the human condition while models make the sign of the double backed armadillo for our edification. Weird sets with groovy lighting, revolving beds, bad haircuts and funky fashions, split screen genitalia, animated diagrams, gynecological exams, itís all here. Yet another example of the genius that is Torgny Wickman. See also Love XYZ and More About the Language of Love. Swedish language X-rated (C)

LOVE XYZ (71) aka Love 3; Karlekens XYZ. Third and final entry in Torgny Wickmanís amazing series of white coater sex-o-mentaries (see also The Language of Love and More About the Language of Love). With all the groovy graphic sex and really bad haircuts that weíve come to expect from these and as an added plus the final segment detailing the mating habits of a hippy commune is subtitled in English! Swedish language X-rated. (C)

MORE ABOUT THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE aka Mera ur Karlekens Sprak. Swedish language X-rated. (C)

NAUGHTY! (71) Remarkable pseudo-documentary from the UK that explores the exploding European sex scene of the early Ď70s. Re-enacting sexual customs past and present, it graphically covers all manner of lust and debauchery and is definitely a film that has to be obscene to be believed! English language (C)

OFFICE GIRLS (71) aka Sex in the Office; Erotik im Beruf: Was Jeder Personalchef Gern Verschweigt. English dubbed. (C)

SWINGING WIVES (71) aka Der Neue Heiss Sex-Report Was Manner Nicht fur Moglich Halten. English dubbed print for $15 or UNCUT letterboxed German language print (runs approx. 10 minutes longer than US version) with color box art for $20 (C)

TOGETHER (71) aka Sensual Paradise; Together: Die Lust zu Zweit. Holy shit! Look what we found! The long lost sex education flick made by Sean Cunningham and Wes Craven that also just happened to be Marilyn Chambersí first film!!! It boggles the mind to think that this softcore sensitivity training course for couples (Craven called it "Readerís Digest Sex") was what bankrolled Last House on the Left! Good quality German language print.

TRAIN STATION PICKUPS (79) Another trashy German flick exploring the ever-popular "children of Zoo Station" theme (Zoo Station is a Berlin train stop notorious as a hangout for runaways, junkies and teen prostitutes. It first gained worldwide "fame" in the film Christiane F.). Unrepentant sleaze from Aryan exploitation giant Walter Boos.


One of the coolest things to come out of the psyched out '70s was Wolf C. Hartwig and Ernst Hofbauer's series of German "Schoolgirl Report" films. This was an extremely popular collection of allegedly "educational" pseudo-documentaries that purported to show parents (fathers mostly, from the looks of it) the problems facing German youth of the day. Of course virtually all of these problems revolved around, what else? S - E - X! Each film is an eye-popping display of gorgeous young German babes, far out fashions and oddball humor. Plus, as an added bonus, you also get the incredibly groovy beat music stylings of German composer Gert Wilden.

SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #1: POSSIBILITIES PARENTS DO NOT CONSIDER (70) aka The Schoolgirls; Confessions of a Sixth Form Virgin; Schulmadchen Report: Was Eltern Nicht fur Moglich Halten. German language (C)

SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #2: WHY PARENTS LOSE THEIR SLEEP (71) aka Der Nue Schulmadchen Report 2 Teil: Was Eltern den Schlaf Raubt. German language (C)

SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #3: WHAT PARENTS FIND UNTHINKABLE (71) aka Schulmadchen Report 3 Teil: Was Eltern Nicht Mal Ahnen. German language (C)

SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #4: WHAT DRIVES PARENTS TO DESPAIR (72) aka Campus Swingers; Schulmadchen Report 4 Teil: Was Eltern oft Verzweifeln Lasst. Over 15 minutes longer than the U.S. Campus Swingers release! German language (C)

SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #5: WHAT ALL PARENTS SHOULD KNOW (73) aka Schulmadchen Report 3 Teil: Was Eltern Wirklich Wissen Sollten. German language (C)

SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #6: WHAT PARENTS WOULD GLADLY HUSH UP (73) aka Erotic Young Lovers; Schulmadchen Report 6 Teil: Was Eltern Gern Vertuschen Mochten. German language (C)

SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #8: WHAT PARENTS MAY NEVER EXPERIENCE (74) aka Schulmadchen Report 8 Teil: Was Eltern nie Erfahren Durfen German language (C)

SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #9: WHEN GIRLS MAKE LOVE (75) aka Schulmadchen Report 9 Teil: Reifeprufung vor dem Abitur. German language (C)

SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #11 (77) German language


SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #13 (80) German language

SECRETS OF SWEET SIXTEEN (73) aka What Schoolgirls Keep Secret; Was Schuldmadchen Verschweigen. Our favorite Swedish sexpot, the pendulous Christina Lindberg, makes a welcome appearance in this entry in the seemingly endless string of "schoolgirl" films imported from Germany and re-dubbed for the enjoyment of dirty old men of all ages. Just a few of the many "secrets" revealed here are that child molesters can be subdued by flashing your tits at them, being raped by your motherís lover brings the whole family closer together and Satanic black masses lead inevitably to marriage. English dubbed

--http://www.revengeismydestiny.com/Sex%20Reports.html [Oct 2004]

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