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By year: 1880 - 1881 - 1882 - 1883 - 1884 - 1885 - 1886 - 1887 - 1888 - 1889

Trends and developments: Paris holds the Exposition Universelle with the Eiffel tower as main attraction - The Arts and Crafts movement - Art Nouveau - start of the Decadent movement - manifesto of the Symbolist movement - peak popularity of music halls - rise of Tin Pan Alley - introduction of phonograph - introduction of cars - Moulin Rouge - introduction of electric lighting - Jack the Ripper

Art: Vincent Van Gogh - post-impressionism

Births: Guillaume Apollinaire - James Joyce - Virginia Woolf - Edgar Varèse - Franz Kafka - Sax Rohmer - Mussolini - Lon Chaney - José Ortega y Gasset - Gaston Bachelard - D.H. Lawrence - Sylvia Beach

Literature: Flatland (1884) - À rebours (1884) - The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886) - Catena Librorum Tacendorum (1885) - Henry Spencer Ashbee - Psychopathia Sexualis (1886)

More than a million people took the elevator to the top of the Eiffel tower when it was opened at the 1889 Exposition Universelle. [May 2006]

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1884-1886) - Seurat

Skull with a Cigarette (1886) - Vincent van Gogh


  • 1880 Skene's glands discovered by Alexander Skene
  • 1881 by 1881, the French government withdrew its support from the official Salons
  • 1882 'Zuiderpershuis' built
  • 1883 The Shapeless Polyp Floated along the Bank, a Sort of Hideous, Smiling Cyclops (1883) - Odilon Redon
  • 1884 Flatland (1880) - Edwin A. Abbott
  • 1885 Catena Librorum Tacendorum (1885) - Henry Spencer Ashbee
  • 1886 Neue Forschungen auf dem Gebiet der Psychopathia Sexualis (1886) - Richard Von Krafft-Ebing
  • 1887 Du Fétichisme dans l’amour 1887 - Alfred Binet
  • 1888 Jack the Ripper kills his first victim
  • 1889 Paris Exposition


    • First commercial production and sales of phonographs and phonograph recordings.
    • Development and commercial production of electric lighting
    • Development and commercial production of gasoline-powered automobile by Karl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler and Maybach

    Théorie de la décadence (1883) - Paul Bourget [...]

    Théorie de la décadence -- Paul Bourget, Essais de psychologie contemporaine (1883)

    A Biased Timeline of the Counter-Culture [...]

    1880		Thomas Alva Edison and J.W. Swan independently invent
    		incandescent lamp (=first practical electric light bulb) 1880?
    		London's first telephone exchange
    		canned fruits and meats first appear in stores
    		Carnegie develops first large steel furnace
    		Captain Boycott, land agent in Mayo, Ireland is "boycotted"
    		for refusing to accept rents fixed by his tenants
    		Vincent Van Gogh begins painting
    1880s		-- first generation born after 1848 reaches its 20s:
    		Van Gogh, Freud, Shaw, Baden-Powell, Seurat, Mahler,
    		Steiner, Debussy, Delius, Much, Touluse-Lautrec, Yeats --
    		First land-use zoning: Modesto, California: attempt
    		to control the spread of Chinese laundaries
    		bicycling clubs, U.K.
    1881		first of all cabarets "Chat Noir" founded in Paris
    		Icaria Speranza community founded, Sonoma County, Calif
    		Tuskegee Institute founded by Booker T. Washington
    		Rational Dress Society, U.K.
    1882		Edison designs first hydroelectric plant, Wisconsin
    		Manet: "Bar aux Folies-Bergere"
    		Nietzsche (28): Beyond Good and Evil
    		Cezanne: "Self Portrait"  (wasn't this sort of pre-cubist?)
    1883		The Bitter Cry of Outcast London: Andrew Mearns
    		The Fellowship of the New Life, U.K.
    		Fabian Society founded, London; Shaw joins 1884
    		Nietzsche: Thus Spake Zarathustra
    		first synthetic fiber produced (Eng. scientist Sir Joseph Swan)
    		first skyscraper built in Chicago (ten stories)
    		Buffalo Bill Cody organizes "Wild West Show"
    		Bismarck introduces sickness insurance in Germany
    		Howard Williams: The Ethics of Diet popularizes
    		vegetarian diet in U.K.
    1884		new recession U.S.
    		George Eastman: sensitized roll film
    		Gottlieb Daimler: internal combusion engine = automobile
    		Georges Seurat (25): Bathers
    		Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (20) moves to Montmartre
    		National Footpaths Preservation Society, U.K.
    		Art Workers' Guild, U.K.
    		first regular comic strip, U.K. (Ally Sloper's Half Holiday)
    1885		Karl Benz builds single-cylinder engine for motor car
    		Gottlieb Daimler: motorcycle
    		first English electrical tram car (Blackpool)
    1886	Feb 8	London: meeting of 3-5000 unemployed workers in Trafalgar Square
    		met by 600 police officers, goes into riot
    1886		1400+ strikes (1881-85, average 500/year)
    1886	May	U.S.: nationwide strikes for 8-hour day
    		Haymarket strike for 8 hour day & bombing, Chicago
    1886		Farmers Alliance joins with Knights of Labor to become Populist movement
    1886	fall	Henry George, running as Independent Labor Party nominee
    		for mayor of New York, comes in second
    1886		Kaweah Colony, site of present Yosemite Natl Park, Calif (to 1902)
    		American Federation of Labor founded
    		Eighth and last Impressionist Exhibition, Paris
    		Apache leader Geronimo surrenders, Apaches sent to ?p.o.w.
    		?camps in Florida and Oklahoma
    1887		Allotment Act: Indian tribal holdings broken up into
    		individual holdings
    		Fabian Society (led by Sidney Webb & Bernard Shaw):
    		Facts for Socialists
    		Van Gogh: "Moulin de la Galette"  huh??
    1887	Oct 23	London: huge crowds gathering daily in Hyde Park and Trafalgar
    		Square to hear speeches turns into mob
    	Nov 12	Trafalgar Square police defeat
    		Edward Bellamy: Looking Backward
    1888		"police battle unemployed dmnstrtrs, Trafalgar Sq (same?)
    		Nikola Tesla constructs A.C. electric motor
    		George Eastman perfects "Kodak" box camera
    		J.B. Dunlop invents pneumatic tire
    		William Burroughs: commerically practical adding-list machine
    		first of all beauty contests held: Spa, Belgium
    		"Jack the Ripper" murders six women in London
    		Port Sunlight model village
    		Charles Ashbee starts Guild & School of Handicraft, Whitechapel
    		Paul Gauguin: "The Vision After the Sermon"
    		Van Gogh: "The Yellow Chair"
    1888-89		Burlington strike
    1889		London Dock Strike
    		Oklahoma is opened to non-Indian settlement
    		Punch card system created by H. Hollerith
    		Moulin Rouge opens (Place Blanche)
    		Edward Carpenter: Civilization: Its Cause and Cure (U.K.)
    		Abbotsholme School founded, Derbyshire  (explain)
    		Jan Addams sets up Hull House in immigrant slums of Chicago
    		Vincent Van Gogh: Wheat Field and Cypress Trees
    1889-	90	Methwold Fruit Farm Colony, Norfolk

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