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Ashley Beedle (1962 - )

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Ashley Beedle presents: Grassroots (1999) - Various Artists
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Ashley Beedle, (born November 25, 1962) is a British disc jockey and record producer.

Born in Hemel Hempstead, Beedle made the leap from music lover to DJ in the early '80s when British disc jockeys started playing disco and house records over (Jamaican) soundsytems. London's melting pot of cultures provided the young Beedle with a wide interest in reggae, soul, techno, jazz and so on. Ashley's first big musical project Black Science Orchestra reworked old disco songs into house tracks which quickly turned up in the record boxes of American dj's such as Frankie Knuckles and Masters At Work. Other musical projects include Ballistic Brothers, X-Press 2 and Black Jazz Chronicles. In the late nineties Beedle was an in-demand remixer for mainstream acts due to his eclectic output. As of today the 43-year old Beedle is still active as a dj and focuses mainly on his X-Press 2 project and solo outings as far as production is concerned. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashley_Beedle [Aug 2006]


Ashley Beedle is one of the UK's most prolific producers and remixers. His wide range of musical tastes finds him recording under a variety of pseudonyms, including The Ballistic Brothers, Black Science Orchestra and X-Press 2, which reflects his various musical genres. This Essential Mix reflects Ashley's decade of devotion to music.

Latest News

After splitting from the Ballistic Brothers in 1998, Beedle pursued a solo career releasing the odd single under his Black Science Orchestra and Black Jazz Chronicles monikers, and put together the ‘Grass Roots’ compilation for Strut. Then came the mighty return of X-Press 2, releasing massive club tracks like ‘ACDC’ and more recently ‘Smoke Machine’, a track dedicated to the smoke machines at Danny Tenaglia’s 2001 party at the Miami Winter Music Conference. DJing is still a passion, and the X-Press 2 boys often get together for six-deck mixing sessions at clubs across the globe. --burnitblue.com



  • Ashley Beedle presents: Grassroots (1999) - Various Artists [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

    Ashley's faves, from jazz to hip hop, from disco to reggae. The way it should be. Eclecticism rules.
    1 Introduction (Windy City Theme) - Windy City 2 The Liberation Song (Red, Black and Green) - Gil Scoot Heron & Brian Jackson 3 Sweet Thing - Rufus & Chaka Khan 4 Let Me Down Easy (12'' Disco Version) - Rare Pleasure 5 My Babe's Got ESP (Special Disco Version) - Four Below Zero 6 Welcome To The Club - Blue Magic 7 Stan's Theme - Stan Ivory 8 Gibraltar - Freddie Hubbard 9 Hihache - Lafayette Afro-Rock Band 10 J Dub's Theme - feat. No Self Control + The Band Son Of Bazerk 11 Canned Interlude - Unknown 12 Doin' It - Gwen McCrae 13 Feel Up (Original US 12'' Version) - Grace Jones 14 Adventures In Success (Dub Copy) - Will Powers 15 Stop Bajon...Primavera - Tullio De Picopo

    Out on Strut Records

    Choice (2004) - Various Artists, Mixed by X-Press 2

    Choice (2004) - Various Artists, Mixed by X-Press 2 [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

    Disc: 1
    1. James Brown - There Was A Time 2. Jellybean - Spillin The Beans (Les Bean Mix) 3. Incognito - Jacobs Ladder - Maw Nu Yorican Dub 4. Patti Smith - Piss Factory 5. Quartz - Beyond The Clouds 6. The Cure - Pictures Of You (Strange Remix) 7. Elkin And Nelson - Jibaro (Enrolle Long Version) 8. Jean Luc Ponty - In The Fast Lane 9. David Byrne - Big Business 10. David Astri - Dancing Digits 11. Jine - Take It To The House 12. Eric And The Good Good Feeling - Higher Than Heaven

    Disc: 2
    1. Hi Voltage - Lets Get Horny 2. Open House Feat Placid Angels - Aquatic 3. Pacific Blue - You Gotta Dance 4. Brian Briggs - Aeo Parts 1 And 2 5. Art Of Noise - Beatbox Div 1 6. Malcolm McClaren - First Couple Out 7. Natural Experience - Dont Leave Me 8. Carl Craig - At Les 9. The Rolling Stones - Too Much Blood 10. Voices Of East Harlem - Cashing In 11. Badder Than Evil - Hot Wheels 12. The Specials - A Message To You Rudy

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