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Strut records (1999 - 2003)

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Discography: Disco not Disco (2000 - 2001) - Various

A profile

Strut was one of the UK's leading record labels dedicated to unearthing the lost gems of dance music past, covering music from hard funk, underground disco, original breaks and Nigerian Afrobeat to old skool hip hop and forgotten music library classics.

Set up in 1999 to document important areas of dance music's history, Strut's releases cut no corners, bringing together killer dancefloor tracks as well as giving a full context to the music, telling the story of the characters behind the tunes, the clubs and the scene of the time. The albums are mastered from original tapes wherever possible and feature extensive sleevenotes, researched and written by respected journalists, rare photographs and memorabilia. --http://www.strut.co.uk/


As many of you will already know, the Strut label was unfortunately closed and placed into voluntary liquidation in June of this year. We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that worked with and supported the label over the last four years.

Please note that the Strut website will no longer be up and running from next week - individual contact details for the Strut team are now as follows:

DJ Pogo Presents Block Party Breaks Vol.1 (1999) - Various Artists

DJ Pogo Presents Block Party Breaks Vol.1 (1999) - Various Artists [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Soul/funk. Rare Cuts from the Late 60's and 70's Including 'fatbackin' by the Fatback Band, 'advice' by Sly and the Family Stone, 'itch and Scratch Parts 1&2' by Rufus Thomas and More, all Chosen by UK Hip Hop Turntabilist DJ Pogo.

Track Listings:
1. Last night I changed it all (I really had a ball) - Williams, Esther 2. Hot wheels - Badder Than Evil 3. Jump street - Manzel 4. House of rising funk - Afrique 5. Mexican - Babe Ruth 6. Get into something - Isley Brothers 7. Letha - Earland, Charles 8. Funky buttercup - Chosen Few (2) 9. Itch and scratch (parts 1 & 2) - Thomas, Rufus 10. Fatbackin' - Fatback Band 11. Stone thing - Cash, Alvin & The Registers 12. Advice - Sly & The Family Stone 13. Got to get a knutt - New Birth 14. Maverick breaks - DJ Pogo

Block party
A block party is a large informal public celebration in which many members of a single neighborhood congregate to observe a positive event of usually local importance. Many times, there will be celebration in the form of playing music and dance. Block parties gained popularity in the United States during the 1970s, [especially in hip hop culture]. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Block_party [Jun 2005]

New York
The 1970s also saw the evolution of hip hop in New York City. Hip hop was a cultural movement that included music as an integral part. Hip hop music developed out of block parties in Harlem, where DJs isolated the percussion breaks of popular funk and disco songs, and MCs began rapping over the beats. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_of_New_York [Jun 2005]

Hip hop
Hip hop, including rapping and scratching, emerged from 1970s block parties in New York City, specifically The Bronx (Toop, 1991). --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roots_of_hip_hop_music

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More CDs

  • Grass Roots ~ Danny Krivit [Amazon US] Disc: 1 1. Happy Music - Blackbyrds 2. Sugar Free - Hank Crawford 3. Spellbinder - Gabor Szabo 4. Theme From King Kong - Love Unlimited Orchestra 5. Point Zero - Voyage 6. Wela Wela - Black Blood 7. Evil - Earth Wind & Fire 8. My Baby Just Cares For Me - Nina Simone 9. You're The One - Little Sister 10. Wild Safari - Barrabas 11. Going Back To My Roots - Lamont Dozier 12. Born Under Punches (And The Beat Goes On) - Talking Heads 13. Why Ya Do It - Marianne Faithful 14. Galaxy - War 15. Number One - Patrice Rushen Disc: 2 1. Philly Jump - Instant Funk 2. Turn On The Lights - Kellee Patterson 3. Prophesy - Margie Joseph 4. Lansana's Priestess - Donald Byrd 5. Yellow Sunshine - Yellow Sunshine 6. Across 110th Street - El Barrio 7. Happiness Is Just Around The Bend - The Main Ingredient 8. Ease Your Mind - Touchdown 9. Delicado - El Coco 10. I Like What I Like - Everyday People 11. We Got The Funk - Positive Force 12. You Brought The Sunshine - Clark Sisters 13. Land Of Make Believe - Chuck Mangione 14. Lovely Day - Bill Withers

  • Grass Roots ~ Ashley Beedle [Amazon US] 1 Windy City / Introduction (Windy City Theme) 2 Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson / The Liberation Song (Red Black and Green) 3 Rufus with Chaka Khan / Sweet Thing 4 Rare Pleasure / Let Me Down Easy (12" Disco Version) 5 Four Below Zero / My Baby's Got Esp (Special Disco Version) 6 Blue Magic / Welcome to the Club 7 Stan Ivory and His Omnificent Orchestra / Stan's Theme 8 Freddie Hubbard / Gibraltar 9 Lafayette Afro Rock Band / Hihache 10 Son of Bazerk feat. No Self Control + The Band / J Dub's Theme 11 Canned Interlude 12 Gwen McCrae / Doin' It 13 Grace Jones / Feel Up (Original US 12" Version) 14 Will Powers / Adventures in Success (Dub Copy) 15 Tullio De Piscopo / Stop Bajon... Primavera [more on Ashley Beedle]

  • Club Africa, vol. 1 [Amazon US]

  • Club Africa, vol. 2 [Amazon US]
    Since the release of Africafunk on Harmless in 1998, the influence of Afro-Beat and original Afro-fusion has steadily grown within the dance community. From Masters At Work, Ron Trent, Blaze, Soul Ascendants and Faze Action, Afro is the flavour of 1999. Only problem for the fans is nobody can get hold of the original material Ė vinyl ainít just rare, it ainít there! What better way to launch the Strut label than with Club Africa, a killer original Afro compilation brought to you by the people behind Afrofunk and Harmless Records. Featuring 14 funky Afro beasts with the emphasis firmly on the dancefloor, artists featured include Peter King, Miriam Makeba, The Ashantis, Oneness of JuJu, The Daktaris, Mombasa and more. Compiled by the legendary Jazz Bop organiser Russ Dewbury. Bloody fantastic!

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