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Barely Breaking Even (BBE) records

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Notable releases: Disco Spectrum (1999, 2001 and 2002) - Various - Masters At Work 1990-2000 (early 2000s) - MAW

Compilers: Keb Darge - Dave Lee MAW - Kenny Gonzalez - Louie Vega


Barely Breaking Even (BBE) is a British record label started by two DJs Peter Adarkwah and Ben Jolly. The name BBE comes from the The Universal Robot Band's 1982 track `Barely Breaking Even'. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barely_Breaking_Even [Oct 2006]

Latin [...]

  1. Latin Spectrum 2 (2000) - Various Artists [CD, Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    1. Corta el Bonche - Tito Puente 2. Ella Esta en Otre Rumba - Justo Betancourt 3. Que Se Vaya - Bobby Cruz 4. Retorno del Mambo - Johnny Colon 5. Guarare - Ray Barretto 6. Hay Que Saber Comenzar - Roberto Roena 7. Canuto - Sonny Bravo 8. Tierra Colora - Nestor Torres 9. Arinara - Willie Garcia 10. Bomba Camara - Bobby Cruz 11. Algo Facil 12. Sabor los Rumberos Nuevos - Angel Canales 13. Periquitto Pin Pin 14. Celito Lindo
    The Latin phenomenon continues apace with another quality compilation of salsa, mambo and Latin jazz. Tracks include Tito Puente-'Corta El Bonche', Justo Betancourt-'Ella Este En Otre', Bomba Camara-'Que Se Vaya', Johnny Colon-'Retorno Del Mambo' and 10 more from such artists as Ray Barretto, Roberto Roena, Gil Lopez & Sonny Bravo and Nestor Torres. Compiled by Hector Torres. Standard jewel case. Compiled by Hector Torres, a relative of Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez of Nuyorican Soul. [...]


  1. Mad Styles & Crazy Visions (1998) [CD, Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    With three cd's crammed with the best disco/house-music you can track down out there, this easily competes wih the best compilations I've heard this year. Put your trust in MAW's "Little" Louie Vega. He knows his music, and as soon you drop one of the cd's (one mix-cd and two with selected full tracks, with names like Glasgow Underground, Simply Red and The Sunburst Band) you'll know that I'm right in awarding 'Mad Styles and Crazy Visions' the full five stars it deserves. For hot summer nights and chilly winter parties; A little expensive, this compilation, but what can you expect! It's made by a master at work! -- Erlend Hogstad for amazon.com

Beats and Pieces

  1. Beats & Pieces V.1 [Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    1. Ladbroke Grove-Kerri Chandler 2. Roots-95 North 3. Revenge Of The Orange-Maurice Fulton 4. Rock-DJ Spinna 5. Can U Handle It (Full Length)-Kenny Dope 6. Sausalito-Grover Washington Jr 7. Blacker-Ballistic Brothers 8. Scream (men From The Nile Mix)-Brian Harden 9. Departure Lounge (Harvey's Smoking Area 10. Demarre Le Chauve-Pepe Braddock 11. Delicious-Sunburst Band 12. The Nervous Track-Nuyorican Soul 13. The Quest-Eternal Sun 14. Play With The Voice (MAW Mix)-Joe T Vanelli 15. Novela Das Nove-Wally Badarou 16. Here Come One-Restless Oul 17. Swingin-Kevin Yost 18. Dom B Sensi-Those Norwegians
  2. Beats & Pieces V.2 [Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    1. George Benson El Barrio [MAW Mix] 2. Femi Kuti Truth Don Die [Kerri Chandler Mix] 3. AfterGlow Jujazwarfare [Future Peace Mix] 4. Romanthony Bring U Up 5. Alex Gopher The Child [K-Dope Remix] 6. Children of Planet Earth Fly Away [Featuring Raven, Roy's Chitown Dub] 7. Osunlade Cantos A Ochun Et Oya 8. Bourgie Soliterre Got The Bug [Bottina's Mix] 9. Groove Collective Everything Is Changing [Jay Denes Naked Edit] 10. Zero D B Come Party 1. Carl Craig People Make The World Go Round [Slum Village Mix] 2. Pepe Bradock Pear Pressure 3. Pete Rock Walk On By 4. Bahamadia One-4-Teen [Funky For You] 5. Handsome Boy Modelling School The Truth 6. Tito Puente On The Street Where You Live 7. Incognito Readers 8. Pharaoh Sanders You've Got To have Freedom 9. Bel Air Project Dark Jazz EP Pt. 1 Dark Jazz 10. Blissom & Merkin Tag Team Triangle

Strange Games

  1. Strange Games and Things Vol.1 & 2 - DJ Spinna [Amazon US]
  2. Strange Games & Funky Things V.3 - Kenny Dope[Amazon US]


  1. Disco Forever - Dimitri from Paris [3CDs, Amazon US]
    1. Were on Our Way Home - Brainstorm 2. My Love Supreme - Hamilton, Milton 3. Barely Breaking Even - Universal Robot Band 4. Chameleon - Pregunta 5. You're So Right for Me - Eastside Connection 6. Ain't No Stopping Us Now - Charanga 76 7. Flight to Jamaica - Crashers 8. Que Tal America - Two Man Sound 9. Corazon - LTG Exchange 10. Love Hangover - Touch 11. Let's Make Love - Napoli, Jeanne 12. Just as Long as I Got You - Love Committee 13. Smile - Skylite 14. I Got a Thing - Silver, Platinum & Go 15. Shout at the Disco - Little Scotty 16. Work Song - Lundy, Pat

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