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BBE presents: Disco Spectrum (1999, 2001 and 2002) - Various

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The Spectrum Series: The over commercialisation of dance music has led Spectrum Compilers to search for something more substantial, more genuine than the ever-shifting ephemera that passes for DJ Culture. The current endless search for the roots of house music & the decades of club culture most of us missed out on has an new instalment Disco Spectrum III: Representing the dance music of the late 70's and early 80's that was played in clubs, not on the radio. Therefore it does not contain the oftenrecycled KC, Bee Gees, or Village People. These songs didn't make the Top 40 or the Top 100 for that matter, but were beloved by the denizens of the clubs that set the trends.


  • Disco Spectrum, vol. 1 (1999) - [Amazon.com]
    John Davis Orchestra - Bourgie Bourgie Rare Pleasure - Let me down easy Ramona Brooks - I don't want you back Fresh Band - Come back lover' Omni feat. Connee Draper - Out of my hands Revelation - Feel it Logg - You've got that something Frontline Orchestra - Don't turn your back Clyde Alexander - Gotta get your love Baby'O - In the forest DISCO 02 Two Man Sound - Que tal America Azoto - San Salvador Esther Williams - I'll be your pleasure Salsoul Orchestra - Take some time out for love Exodus - Together forever Hudson People - Trip to your love Ramsey & Co. - Love Calls John Gibbs & The US Steel Orchestra - Trinidad Family of Eve - 'I wanna be loved by you'

  • Disco Spectrum, vol. 2 (2001) - [Amazon.com]
    1. Don Ray - Standing In The Rain 2. George Duke - I Want You For Myself 3. Patti Labelle - Music Is My Way Of Life 4. Aquarian Dream - Phoenix 5. Cloud One - Don't Let This Rainbow Pass Me By 6. Bunny Mack - Let Me Love You 7. Louis Ramirez - Do It Anyway You Wanna 8. Main Ingredient - Evening Of Love 9. Henderson & Whitfield - Dancin' To The Beat 10. Queen Samantha - Give Me Action 11. Bigfoot - Watch Your Step CD2 1. Air Power - Welcome To The Disco 2. Al Hudson - Spread Love 3. Chantal Curtis - Get Another Love 4. NYCC - Keep A Light In My Window 5. THP - Two Hot For Love 6. Sammy Gordon - Makin Love 7. Love Symphony - Let Me Be Your Fantasy 8. Eddy Grant - My Turn To Love You 9. The Fantastic Aleems - Hooked On Your Love 10. Cerrone - Hooked On You

  • Disco Spectrum, vol. 3 (2002) - [Amazon.com]
    1. Goin up in Smoke - Eddie Kendricks 2. Don't Fall In Love - Alma Faye 3. Cafe a Go Go - Sunfighter 4. Ghetto Disco - Ted Taylor 5. Can You Get Down - Universe City 6. Isabelle & Rain - Jo Boyer 7. Solar Flight - Mandre 8. Under the Skin - The Brothers 9. I Love You More - Rene & Angela 10. Somewhere Beyond - Hi Voltage 11. Groove On Down - Dunn Pearson 12. Can t Shake Your Love - Syreeta 13. Idris Muhammad Could Heaven Ever Be Like This - 14. Heartache No. 9 - Delegation 15. Please Donít Tempt Me - Lenny Williams 16. I m So Hot - Denise La Salle 17. Does It Feel Good To You - BT Express 18. Hot Disco Night - Sweet Potato 19. Reaching - Dazzle 20. Step By Step - Koxo Joey Negro has teamed up with close friend Sean P; (one time Kiss FM producer, compiler of numerous compilations, sleeve note writer and most helpful talking disco encyclopedia on the planet) bringing us their latest collection of underground gems. This music is the past, present, and the future. From the wavering falsetto vocals of Eddie Kendricks to the underrated Motown artist Syreeta, the album contains names we recognise such as Denise La Salle who reached Top Ten in the UK with My Toot Toot (1985) to those who have vanished like Koxo. Crate diggers will be relieved to find Rene & Angela, I love You More remastered & cut for 12 pleasure saving themselves the price of the original on the collectors market. In the studio Dunn Pearson is an accomplished pianist having produced, arranged, written and worked with such recording artists, as The O'Jays, Stephanie Mills, Teddy Pendergrass, Stevie Wonder, Roy Ayers, D'Angelo and he created a disco monster. Lenny Williams is best known as the lead singer of Tower of Power from 1972-75. He resurfaced in 1977, with production credits going to one Frank Wilson. Trainspotters will know that he made Do I Love You, the highest priced 7 single ever. Millions of words have been written about disco, it is not going to lie down & die. Two music lovers have put there knowledge to the the best of use and allowed the true heroes of the movement to step out of the shadows once again.

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