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Bettie Page, Bizarre nr. 14


Strikingly unconventional and far-fetched in style or appearance. -- American Heritage Dictionary

Strange [...]

Bizarre Magazine (1948 - 1959) [...]

John Willie's Bizarre appeared from 1948 - 1959 at irregular intervals. Alongside articles, photographs, letters to the editor and drawings, mostly originating from the pen of John Willie himself, they contained Willie's classic comic strip "Sir d'Arcy d'Arcy" with the unforgettable Sweet Gwendoline. Willie is the recognized master of bondage photography and illustration

( Taschen) BIZARRE: The Complete Works of John Willie reproduces the entire run of the rarest and most collectible fetish magazine ever created in an incredible 1540-page, boxed, double volume format packed with erotic images of women in high heels, silk hose, garter belts and panties--all bound, gagged, caged, whiipped, hobbled, and humbled! A staggering 1650 illustrations, comics, and photos by the artist/author of Sweet Gwendoline.

Bizarre Sinema

Bizarre Sinema

Angekündigt ist endlich auch der 5. Band der Bizarre Sinema! Reihe. Im Gegensatz zum ursprünglich geplanten Titel "THRILLING ALL'ITALIANA 1963 - 1982" (siehe Bild links), wird aber zunächst "JAPANESE ERO GRO & PINKU EIGA, 1956 - 1979" (Bild rechts) veröffentlicht.

Der Titel ist Programm. Es geht um den japanischen Sexfilm (Pinku Eiga) und den sogenannten Ero-Gro (Erotic-Grotesque), einem Genre, in dem sich klassischer Chambara- und Samurai-Film mit Sex- und Horrorelementen mischt.

Ob "Thrilling all'Italiana" noch erscheint oder komplett aufgegeben wurde, ist nicht bekannt. "Bizarre Sinema! 1: Sexploitation Filmmakers" ist übrigens vergriffen.

Weiterhin angekündigt ist dafür der dritte Band von "WESTERN ALL'ITALIANA".

--http://justblog.blogdns.org/crimecoffee/stories/1617/ [May 2005]

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Bizarre Sinema! Sexploitation Filmmakers (Bizarre Sinema- Wildest Sexiest Weirdest Sleaziest Films) (1997) - Piselli, Morrocchi [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

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Bizarre (UK magazine)

  1. Bizarre [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION] [Amazon.com]
    Bizarre is "A Magazine About Life in the Extreme". I've been a subscriber to this British publication for over 2 years (as of this writing). ... About Bizarre: Articles about porn, weird news, murders, drug culture, conspiracies, strange television, music/book/film reviews, pop culture, cults, etc. Stuff mainstream media usually doesn't touch. It helps to be somewhat familiar with British culture, as this magazine is written in the UK, but if you're not, it shouldn't detract from your enjoyment. The magazine is worth the price, as it's a thick publication, with many articles and pictures. Although I love this magazine, I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars, as I've had probs with my magazines' delivery. As in, I failed to recieve some issues. ... --giasine for amazon.com [...]

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