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John Willie (1902 - 1962)

Lifespan: 1902 - 1962

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Bizarre: The Complete Reprint of John Willie's Bizarre, Vols. 1-26 (1995) - Eric Kroll
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BIZARRE: The Complete Works of John Willie reproduces the entire run of the rarest and most collectible fetish magazine ever created in an incredible 1540-page, boxed, double volume format packed with erotic images of women in high heels, silk hose, garter belts and panties--all bound, gagged, caged, whipped, hobbled, and humbled! A staggering 1650 illustrations, comics, and photos by the artist/author of Sweet Gwendoline. Book edited by Eric Kroll

Drawing by John Willie, from Willie, from Diary of a French Maid


John Alexander Scott Coutts (December 9, 1902 - August 5, 1962), better known as John Willie, was a pioneering fetish photographer and bondage artist.

Coutts was born in Singapore and grew up in England. In the 1930s, he taught himself how to draw while living in Australia. In 1940, he moved to New York City where he published his bondage and fetish magazine "Bizarre" from 1946 to 1959 (compare with ENEG's "Exotique" magazine, published 1956 - 1959). Volume 2 appeared first in 1946, volume 1 wasn't published until after volume 13 in 1954. The reason is unknown.

As a bondage artist, he is best known for his figure of Sweet Gwendoline, which he drew in a clear, anatomically correct style that influenced later artists such as ENEG and Eric Stanton. Other characters include U69 (censored to U89 in some editions) as the raven-haired dominatrix who ties up Gwendoline and Sir Dystic d'Arcy, the only male character and probably a parody of Willie himself.

The comic strip was published by Irving Klaw, who forced Stanton to paint clothes over the whip marks on the originals of "The Escape Artist" and "The Missing Princess".

Coutts developed a brain tumor in 1961 and was forced to stop his mail order business. He destroyed his archives and returned to England, where he died. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Willie [Jan 2005]

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