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Compile (verb)

To gather into a single book.

To put together or compose from materials gathered from several sources: compile an encyclopedia. --AHD

Compilation (music industry)

A compilation or comp in the music industry is a record or cd with tracks by various artists grouped by a theme.

Legal definition

A collection of preexisting materials and data so arranged to form a new original work under the law of copyright. -- Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law 1996

The 1990s Started the "Compilation" Trend

In 1993, the Classic Jazz Funk series came out on Mastercuts records. This started the compilation boom of the nineties. Compiling a record. It can be done in different ways ... a nice booklet ... good liner notes .... accurate track information ... musical background ... packaging. Of course, the most important element of a good compilation is the selection of tracks. I am choosing two cds that have made a significant impact in my appreciation of music. From the mid-nineties onwards, the recorded musical landscape overflowed with compilations. Like I promised: just two:
  1. Gilles Peterson's INCredible Sound of Gilles Peterson , with his fusion of funk, jazz, nineties downtempo and disco
  2. Francois Kevorkians Essential Mix ... lots of disco, nice techno, James Brown, Level 42 and the mix works.

Nineties recommended music compilation labels

Some recommended labels when buying nineties compilations and re-issues of sought-after music.
  1. Nuphonic British label, good taste
  2. BBE records close links with MAW
  3. Harmless records
  4. Mastercuts Classics compiling classics since the early nineties
  5. Deep Beats Classic Ian Dewhirst's best comps
  6. Rhino Records 'Give Your Body Up' volume 1 to 3, ugly coverart but good selection.
  7. Strut records Ashley Beedle's and Danny Krivit's Grassroots, Disco Not Disco.
  8. Soul Jazz records
  9. Counterpoint records Jazz Bizniz
  10. Radio Nova Underground Moderne was one of the best comps of 2001
  11. Mojo Records Vol. 1 to 10, very good comps from this German label/club

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