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Sunday Afternoon at Dingwalls (2006) - Gilles Peterson, Patrick Forge
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Dingwall's is a venue adjacent to Camden Lock in London. It houses bars, cafes, clubs (including the Jonguleurs comedy club and the Lock 17 bar/restaurant), and one of the city's best known live music venues. The building itself is one of many industrial Victorian buildings that were put to new use in the Twentieth Century. The original owner of the building, T.E. Dingwall, had had his name painted on to the outside wall of the building, which was a common practice by businesses in Camden Town during the late Victorian era. The paint never washed off, and is still visible to this day, hence the venue's unusual name. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dingwalls [Aug 2006]

Gilles Peterson [...]

In 1986 Peterson started a regular Sunday afternoon club at Dingwalls, a dank corridor of a venue squeezed onto the corner of Camden Lock in north London. This club became his most successful venture to date: It ran for seven years and inspired a succession of records, labels, DJs and bands

Jazz Clubs [...]

For example the club-night "Kyoto Jazz Massive" is one of a real legend! Their regular club-nights in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto exist since the early nineties, and their concept of playing old and new full spectrum sets was and still is a similar concept to regular jazz-orientated club-nights like the Mojo-Club (Hamburg), Bar Rhumba, the old Talking Loud days @ Dingwalls (London), or Into Somethin' (Munich).

Soul Jazz Records [...]

Soul Jazz Records started off as a record shop above the legendary Dingwalls in Camden, London in 1988 selling predominantly second hand (surprise surprise) soul, jazz, latin, and funk records bought during frequent trips to the US [...]

The Acid Jazz Thing [...]

In 1987 Gilles Peterson, having done his apprenticeship at the Electric Ballroom and developed his own thing as part of Nicky Holloway's Special Branch, was setting up a new club at Dingwalls on a Sunday afternoon. He invited Patrick to join in and for the next 4 and a half years the club ran and pioneered that Acid Jazz thang.

Lee Perry [...]

It was January 1987, and the seminal London club Dingwalls had seen better days. So, too, had Perry. The little giant who was there at the birth of reggae, who had been one of Bob Marley's most influential mentors, who virtually defined the sound of Jamaican roots and dub reggae in the 1970s, who used a crying kid as a percussive hook on "People Funny Boy" before Timbaland was even conceived was suffering incompetent management. "He was supposed to play in February, and they had put the date as January. So he thought, 'Well just in case all my adoring fans turn up, I better be there to apologize,' " Katz said in a recent conversation. "But at this point, Scratch was kind of at a low point in his career not a lot of people were there anyway." Jeff Chang, http://www.sfbg.com/noise/31-01/lee.html

Mark Murphy

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