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Nicky Holloway

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A friend of mine [Nicky Holloway?] had just come back from Spain and had brought some acid house records with him which he announced were the latest thing. But the dancefloor stayed empty. Then it was my turn and I put on a few jazz pieces. The dancefloor was full. To take the piss out of him I called my music Acid Jazz -- Gilles Peterson


1984 was also significant in the world of clubbing and advancement of dance culture with the introduction of a young promoter called Nicky Holloway. Holloway started up The Special Branch parties which were outdoor events, organised in a period when illegal parties ruled the day, appealing to the Jazz Hip Hop and funk followers. They featured up and coming talents of DJs such as Norman Jay and Gilles Peterson. These nights were legendary in that they introduced DJs to each other and paved the way for KissFM's start. Parties took place through out London's disused warehouses and became a natural evolution to Northern Soul, Jazz Funk and Murphy's Jazz nights. Southportweekenders metamorphosised into Bournemouth weekenders, 10 years on and yet another shoot appeared, and dancing was still as important.

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