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Gilles Peterson

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Gilles Peterson is a DJ and founder of the Talkin' Loud record label. He used to have a radio show on London's Kiss FM dance music station, but was recruited to the BBC's youth-oriented Radio 1 in 1998.

Peterson is known for his eclectic musical selections. Though not as "anything goes" as John Peel, he plays anything from dub and reggae through jazz, nu-jazz, drum and bass and hip-hop. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilles_Peterson [Apr 2005]

Acid Jazz [...]

A friend of mine [Nicky Holloway?] had just come back from Spain and had brought some acid house records with him which he announced were the latest thing. But the dancefloor stayed empty. Then it was my turn and I put on a few jazz pieces. The dancefloor was full. To take the piss out of him I called my music Acid Jazz -- Gilles Peterson

Gilles Peterson coined the phrase acid jazz during the acid house craze in England. By the beginning of the 1990s, DJ legend and early Incognito fan Gilles Peterson had founded the Talkin' Loud label, and he made Incognito one of his first signings. The 1991 single "Always There" (with vocals by Jocelyn Brown) became a Top Ten hit as part of Britain's booming acid jazz scene.

Masters At Work [...]

When Gilles Peterson and MAW were both booked to play a Southport weekender they had hurredly arranged to meet. The result was an album of NuYorican tracks that grabbed critical acclaim and appealed as much to house fans as to jazz enthusiasts . /peterson/tracklistings_archive.shtml


  1. INCredible Sound of Gilles Peterson [Amazon US]
    Gilles' excursions in jazz, hip hop, house, broken beats.
    1. Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow - Funkadelic 9. Upa Neguninho - Luiz Arruda Paez 2. Baila Piena (Off World Remix) - Papo Vasquez 10Mas Que Nada - Elza Soares 3. The Salon Section - Buscemi 11. Picadillo (Carl Craig's Breakdown Mix) - Johnny Bias 4. I Can See The Future (Ski'sa Main Mix) - Incognito 12. Coro Miyare - Fania All-Stars 5. I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4 Hero Mix) - Nu Yorican Soul 13. Skindo Le Le - Alive! 6. Nuther'n Like Thuther'n - Willis Jackson 14. See The Light - Eddie Russ 7. Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf (Part 2) - Jimmy Smith 15. Let The Sun Shine In - Sons And Daughters Of Life 8. If The Papes Come - A Tribe Called Quest 16. Spread Love - Lenny Fontana Presents Black Sun

  2. Worldwide Compiled By Gilles Peterson [Amazon US]
    1. Snakecharmer/Intro - Raw Deal 2. El Capitalismo - Foraneo 3. We Live in Brooklyn Baby - Roy Ayers 4. Slowly Surely - Jill Scott 5. Easin In - Edwin Starr 6. The Ghetto/El Barrio - George Benson 7. Lonely Can Be Sweet - Mysterium 8. Manhood - Victor Duplaix 9. Deep Burnt - Pepe Bradock 10. The Last Best (House mix) - Herbert 11. Thinking Louder (J Raq remix) - Clarity 12. Mind of a Killer - Polar 13. Roun Soun - Spacek 14. Life changes - Ski 15. Waltz for Koop - Koop 16. All I have in me (original musicquarium mix) - Young Disciples (2) 17. Last beat (twisted dub) - Herbert (1) Disc: 2 1. The Mystery of Man - Sarah Vaughan 2. This World - Zero 7 3. Suspended - Kelis 4. Black Mary - Parris Clemons 5. Respect - Rotary Connection 6. Solid Air - John Martyn 7. Blue Mosque - Dan Rendall/Ian Carr 8. All I Wanted Was To Make You Feel Good - Bugge Wessseltoft 9. Life Changes - Ski 10. Waltz - Koop 11. The Look - Alison Crockett 12. Herbert - The Last Beat (Twisted Dub) Gilles' excursions in jazz, hip hop, house, broken beats.
  3. Journeys by DJ - Gilles Peterson and Norman Jay [2CD, Amazon US]
    I missed this one when it came out. Good selection by both Norman Jay and Gilles
    1. Dingwalls By Mark Murphy 2. What's Wrong With Groovin By Letta Mbulu 3. Comfy Club By PNU RIFF 4. Submersible By Juryman v Spacer 5. Love Supreme By Ballistic Brothers 6. Yves Eaux By Buscemi 7. Fedime's Flight By Jazzanova 8. One Starry Night By Kevin Yost 9. Carnival Supreme By Los Quatros Diablos 10. Gabriel By Roy Davis Jr With Peven Everett 11. My Beat By Blaze 12. Jazz With Alititude By Bel-Air Project 13. BreakBeat Terror By Breakbeat Era 14. It's Jazzy By Roni Size 15. Disorientation By Priest 16. Ding Ding Ding By I-Cube 17. Wondering By Drop Zone Productions 18. Black Gold Of The Sun By Rotary Connection Disc: 2 1. Windy City Theme By Carl Davis & Chi-Sound Orchestra 2. Make Me Believe In You By Patti Jo 3. Wanted, Dead, Or Alive By Voices Of East Harlem 4. Afro Latin Concrete By Red Cloud & Digital Hemp 5. Family Tree(Disco Version) By Family Tree 6. Breakin' In Space By Key-Matic 7. Calm Down By Most Wanted 8. Maneater By Hall & Oates 9. If It Don't Turn You On By B.T. Express 10. Little People By Voices Of East Harlem 11. Watermelon Man By East Harlem Bus Stop 12. Jammin' To The End Of Time By Anorak Trax 13. Love Supreme By Alexander Robotnick 14. Stars By Nerissa 15. Blacker Revisited By Ballistic Brothers 16. De-Funky Dumpy By Denzil Dumpy Rice 17. The Truth By Truth All Stars
  4. GP01 - Gilles Peterson[1CD, Amazon US]
    As ever, Gilles takes his listener on a journey through breaks ‘n’ beats ‘n’ jazz ‘n’ soul & much more... there’s bass heavy funk, bossa and deep house too. Tracks come courtesy of the coolest labels currently producing music, there’s R&S, Nuphonic, Compost, Full Cycle, !K7 & Ubiquity. Artists include Luomo’s sultry summer grooves, a pick ‘n’ mix of different latin flavours from Herbert, Truby Trio & Alistair Colling, Suv. feat Guy Calhoun & Block 16’s beautiful, soulful ‘Find an Oasis’, sung by the fantastic Jhelisa. There’s also jazz and beats from Max Fresh & Ptaah.
    1. Tessio - Luomo 2. Audience 3. Whole 4. Crossing [Opaque Remix] 5. Transcend Me - Afronaught 6. Find an Oasis - Jhelisa 7. Alegre 8. Umba Bada Uma? [Hold on Instrumental] 9. Online - Marcos Valle 10. It's You [Nicola Conte Remix] 11. Niña - DJ Suv

  5. GP01 - Gilles Peterson[1CD, Amazon US]
    1. United Future Organization - No Problem 2. Art Konik feat. Bobby Few - Finger 3. Brandy - The Ritual (Chateau flight remix) 4. Iz & Diz - Mouth (Brad Peep's remix for friends) 5. Moonstarr - Greed 6. Fragment Orchestra - Carioca 7. Kaori - Good Life 8. Abicah Soul Project - Abicah Soul 9. Trio Mocoto - Voltei Amor 10. Grupo Batuqae - Between the Lines (Big Bang remix) 11. Smoab - Still Waiting 12. Ayro - Let This

  6. Journeys by DJ, Desert Island Mix - Gilles Peterson [1 CD, Amazon US]
    1. Dingwalls - Mark Murphy 2. What's Wrong With Groovin' - Letta Mbulu 3. Comfy Club - Pnu Riff 4. Submersible - Juryman vs. Spacer 5. Love Supreme - Ballistic Brothers 6. Yves Eaux - Buscemi 7. Fedime's Flight - Jazzanova 8. One Starry Night - Kevin Yost 9. Carnival Supreme - Los Quatros Diablos 10. Gabriel - Roy Davis Jr feat. Peven Everett 11. My Beat - Blaze 12. Jazz With Altitude - Bel-Air Project 13. Breakbeat Terror - Breakbeat Era 14. It's Jazzy - Roni Size 15. Disorientation - Priest 16. Ding Ding Ding - I-Cube 17. Wondering - Drop Zone Productions 18. Black Gold of The Sun - Rotary Connection
    [no need to by this one if you bought the one with Norman Jay, same material, but only 1 CD]

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