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Genre film

Related: B-movies - exploitation film - low budget

Film festivals dedicated to genre cinema: BIFFF

The genres of genre film action film - adventure film - crime film - detective - erotica - fantastic film - horror - mystery - romance - science fiction - thriller - western

Much like genre fiction, genre film is a term for films made with the intent of fitting into a specific cinematic genre in order to appeal to the fans of that genre. In contemporary film-producing, genre is an elastic term used to group works sharing similarities of character, theme, and setting—such as mystery, romance, or horror—that have been proven to appeal to particular groups of viewers. Genres continuously evolve, divide, and combine as viewers' tastes change and directors search for fresh ways to tell stories. For a number of reasons, genre film is often regarded as the lower-quality opposite of A-list films. [Nov 2005]

Connotations: bad taste - conventional - kitsch - low culture

Contrast with: mainstream film - auteur theory - art film

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