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Gregory Carmichael

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  • Gregory Carmichael is a cult music hero. He is alive today, but not active in the music business. I wish he would come back. The sped-up vocals and deep funky grooves on his Bumblebee Unlimited project are records that I can recommend to anyone seriously interested in underground dance music.

    Patrick Adams

    Greg Carmichael and Patrick Adams produced many projects together between 1974 and 1982. For example they produced Inner Life, Bumblebee Unlimited and "Touch me" by Fonda Rae to just name a few. Many of these releases have become collectors items and are very hard to find these days... In a late 1998 interview, Patrick Adams says that Greg Carmichael is currently trying to open a dance club in the Bronx, New York.

    Pam Todd

    ... Pam Todd & Love Exchange - Making Love

    Universal Robot Band

    The Universal Robot Band had originally been put together by Patrick Adams & Greg Carmichael in 1976, their debut single being "Dance And Shake Your Tambourine". They reformed the band in 1982 for 'Barely Breaking Even' on Caliber records, an eleven minute workout featuring Leroy Burgess' vocals.

    Selected Gregory Carmichael discography

    1. Salsoul SG-350 Ain't No Mountain High Enough
    2. Salsoul SG-343 Bumblebee Unlimited 'Bumblebee Rap' (1981)
    3. Personal rds Fonda Rae 'Touch Me (All Night Long)' 198x
        Cathy's remade this in 1991
    4. Jive rds JIVET44 Spice 'You're So Nice (Latin Spice)' (1983)
      • Mitch Brathwaite
    5. Perspective rds P-101D Wish 'Nice And Soft' (1981)
    6. 'Got To Find A Disco' on Dance Disk records
      • pretty good tune!
    7. Bumblebee releases
      • US RCA LP AFL1-3407 Bumblebee Unlimited 'Sting Like A Bee' 1979
      • Bumblebee Unlimited 'Love Bug' on Red Greg records
      • RCA PD-11522 Bumblebee Unlimited 'Lady Bug' 1978 A-side mixed by John Morales, B-side by Levan
      • US RCA 12" JD-11716, PD-11716 Bumblebee Unlimited 'I Got A Big Bee' (1979)
      • US Salsoul 12" SG 343 Bumble Bee Unltd. 'The Bumble Bee Rap' (1981)
      • Canadian Les Disques Direction Records 12" DD-8002 Bumblebee Unlimited 'Everybody Dance' (1977)
    8. on Prelude records
      • Prelude PRLD700 Rochelle Fleming 'Love Itch'
      • US Personal 12" P49825 Innerlife 'Your Love'
      • US Prelude 12" PRL D703 Satin, Silk & Lace 'Your Love' [very last Prelude 12"]
    9. Innerlife 1990
    10. UK Personal 12PER 101 Inner Life 'No Way'
    11. US Vanguard 12" SPV 61 Convertion 'Sweet Thing'
    12. US Caliber records 12" Universal Robot Band 'Barely Breaking Even' (1982) (1986)
    13. US Salsoul LP self-titled Logg 'Logg'
    14. 4th and Broadway xRLP 539 Skipworth And Turner Harlem Nights (1989)
    15. US SAM 12" S-12336 Convertion 'Let's Do It' (1980)

    'I'm caught up' was originally released as a 12"inch single by Greg Carmichael on TCT Records. Within a week of its release a bidding war broke out between Prelude and what was to become Profile Records. Prelude won by bidding $17,500 for the rights to the single. At the time this was an un-heard of amount for one single record. One year before, the entire "Keep On Jumpin" LP by Musique had cost only $16,000 to make.

  • http://www.discomuseum.com/RedGreg.html Red Greg records discography
    2002, jan 01; 17:22:
  • Sting Like a Bee - Bumblebee Unlimited [Amazon US]
    1. I Got A Big Bee 2. Lady Bug 3. I Love You 4. Space Shuttle Ride 5. Honey Bunn 6. Love Bug 7. Funk For Days 8. Everybody Dance 9. Lady Bug (12" Version)
    2002, jan 01; 18:43:
  • Dance & Shake Your Tambourine - Universal Robot Band [Amazon US]
    2002, jan 01; 17:23:
  • Freak in the Light of the Moon - Universal Robot Band [Amazon US]
  • Donna McGhee - Make It Last Forever[1 CD, Amazon US]
    1. Make It Last Forever 2. Do As I Do 3. It Ain't No Big Thing 4. Mr Blindman 5. I'm A Love Bug 6. Make It Last Forever (Single Version) (Bonus Track) 7. It Ain't No Big Thing (Single Version) (Bonus Track) 8. It Ain't No Big Thing (Danny Krivit Re-Edit) (Bonus Track)

    Japanese Version featuring Three Bonus Tracks: "Make it Last Forever (Single Version)", "it Ain't No Big Thing (Single Version)", and "it Ain't No Big Thing (Danny Krivit Re-edit)".

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