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Rochelle Fleming


Rochelle Fleming was one of the singers of female vocal group First Choice, who's 12" mixes still enjoy major underground succes on modern dancefloors. Known for hits like Doctor Love, Armed and Extremely Dangerous, Let No Man Put Asunder, Double Cross, Smarty Pants, and Love Thang, First Choice was a major contributor to the Philly Classic movement of dance music

"...it's because of the gay community I'm still working."

After her work with First Choice, Rochelle Fleming enjoyed several more dancefloor hits like "Love Itch" on the Prelude imprint and the 1994 'Danger!' on Cutting records (CR-300), featuring mixes by Paul Simpson, Zach Toms mix!

  • PRL D 700 Prelude Rochelle Fleming Love Itch (1985)
  • CR-300 Cutting Rochelle Fleming Danger! (1994)

    Rochelle comes from a very musical family. She has been singing in choirs in North Philly's Christian Hope Baptist Church since 5, and her mother's sisters continue to perform in NY as a gospel group. The two other original members of First Choice also maintain their roots in gospel; Annette Guest is married to famed Reverend Gabriel Hardeman and Joyce Jones has two recent gospel releases.
    read the rest of this interview: http://www.gayphilly.com/rochelle.htm

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