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Erotic illustration

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Artists: Gene Bilbrew - Guido Crepax - Yoshifumi Hayashi - Tanino Liberatore - Milo Manara - Georges Pichard - Félicien Rops - Hajime Sorayama - Eric Stanton - John Willie

Rafal Olbinski

Georges Pichard (D'après "Trois filles de leur mère" de Pierre Louÿs)

Pornokrates (1879) - Félicien Rops

Illustration by Hajime Sorayama

Gerda Wegener

Gerda Wegener

Illustration by Gerda Wegener
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Illustration by Gerda Wegener

Illustration by Gerda Wegener

Gerda Wegener (1886-1940) Danish illustrator and painter, from the provinces but moved to Copenhagen to pursue her education at the Royal art Academy, and married fellow artist Einar Wegener in 1904. After moving to Paris in 1912, found much success both as a painter and illustrating for Vogue, La Vie Parisienne, Fantasio, and many other magazines. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerda_Wegener [Sept 2005]

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Erotic illustrations

  1. Best of Bizarre - Eric Kroll [Amazon.com]
    This book is a compilation of historical "Bizarre" magazine black & white photos and sketches of fetish women in various attire. The body type is always the same stylized extreme hourglass, large conical breasts, a tiny waist and round (rear). I was expecting something a little more diverse, given the title, and didn't know that in this case "Bizarre" was more of a title of a source magazine than a description of the book's contents.
    In some of the sketches you can see the form become so stylized that the arms are not even bound behind, but removed, and sometimes the shoes and hands have the same shape. You can see that the R. Crumb the cartoonist may have read these magazines, and took it to a new extreme.
    To me the pictures are endless slight variations on a theme, in other words in the first pages interesting, but in the end, boring. You really have to be a fan of this style to do more than flip through the book. --ripcode for amazon.com [...]

  2. Marie-Gabrielle (1977) - George Pichard [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    Marie-Gabrielle is a graphic BDSM novel that is definitely not for the weak at heart. It is the story of young noble woman who visits a strict Catholic nunnery where wanton women are punished harshly for indulging in sins of the flesh. As she tours the dungeons, pits and workcrews where these unfortunately drudges are toiling away, she is regaled with the explicit tales of the women's indulgences and the horrifying punishments inflicted upon them in order to make them reform.
    This novella by French artist Georges Pichard has been around since 1977 and remains popular. I, however, can not explain why. The illustrations are not particularly well done and the characters are somewhat unattractive. The bondage and torture devices are fairly extreme but not particularly original or imaginative. I guess one of the redeeming qualities of the book is the more extensive than usual dialog and story line for this type of book. In terms of bondage illustrations and stories, I find Michael Manning more interesting, but if you want to see voluptuous (i.e. fat) women being humiliated and tortured then this book will interested you. --SH in Arlington for amazon.com

  3. Bizarre: The Complete Reprint of John Willie's Bizarre, Vols. 1-26 edited by Eric Kroll [Amazon.com]
    (Taschen) BIZARRE: The Complete Works of John Willie reproduces the entire run of the rarest and most collectible fetish magazine ever created in an incredible 1540-page, boxed, double volume format packed with erotic images of women in high heels, silk hose, garter belts and panties--all bound, gagged, caged, whiipped, hobbled, and humbled! A staggering 1650 illustrations, comics, and photos by the artist/author of Sweet Gwendoline. Book edited by Eric Kroll

  4. The Art of Eric Stanton: For the Man Who Knows His Place - Eric Kroll (Editor) [Amazon.com]
    com An in depth look into the history of Stanton and his illustrations. Additional info into the publication of his work. This book will save the Specialty Pin-up and Fetish curious reader much time in that it covers a large variety of styles - year to year and publication variations - A very full overveiw of the style. As an art book, it is large, and may dominate some coffee tables. Also bear in mind that the subject-content isn't for the mainstream. Stanton's publications bring you through a wide variety of views, and Kroll's editing is very complimentary. If you are only a bit interested in the genre, and do not wish to buy lots of books, this one is your best find. --corseted@hotmail.com for amazon.

  5. Eric Stanton, Reunion in Ropes - Burckhard Riemschneider [Amazon.com]
    He's been called "the Rembrandt of Pulp-Culture" and it's not hard to see why- Stanton is the crème de la crème of his genre. His imaginative, detailed full-color comic strip narratives picture buxom, leggy femmes fatales having their way with tied-up, handcuffed, or simply awestruck men. The stories included here are highlights from our klotz title "Dominant Wives & Other Stories." Look at it how you want- Stanton's imagery is either an empowerment of female sexuality or a gross caricature of female-domination fantasy. Either way, Stanton's images are extra-hot and are guaranteed to put hair on any man's chest! --amazon.com

  6. Torquere - Hajime Sorayama [Amazon.com]
    This book is absolutely fabulous, filled with bondage, erotica and torture of all kinds. Sorayama's ability to capture the erotic essence of a female is astonishing. His attention to detail and creativity left me in awe.
    The all new artwork is bold, containing very explicit images. Most of the images are on one page. The pictures are often quite bizarre. Some themes include piercing, cowgirls, urination, and women in metal or with medical implements.
    Sadomasochism is very prevalent and most women are shown submissive. Many are in very extreme bondage. However, some women are in leather and hold whips or weapons, playing a more dominant role.
    My favorite image is a woman with zebra stripes shown in two positions. Other favorites include a woman hung inches from a circle of barbed wire, a bleeding mermaid, a harem girl and an angel with a devil tail. --Angel Lee for amazon.com

  7. Naga - Hajime Sorayama [Amazon.com]
    Naga is one of the greatest works of Sorayama yet. Your collection of fantasy art is not complete without this selection. His realism and techniques are unparalled; I kept waiting for the pictures to come to life! The only problem I had with the book is that many of the pictures contain images of bondage and violence, which I disagree with - the victims were in every case female - but if you can look past that, the book itself is truly a work of art. - angelles for amazon.com [...]

  8. Liberatore's Women - Tanino Liberatore [Amazon.com]
    Tanino Liberatore is well known in his field. That field would be independent comic, and erotic art. He drew and created Ranx, the anti-hero featured in Heavy Metal magazine. Since this is a book of art, whether you like it or not depends on what art you enjoy. Liberatore's art is lush in color, and his attention to detail is wonderful! He is an Italian artist, and one gets the feeling that he studied the masters, while looking at his work. However, his style is quite unique. His art is very erotic, which is fine, to a certain extent (for my taste). There are some pictures which I simply do not enjoy, while there are others which are wonderful. If you are conservative in your taste, perhaps this is not a book for you! If you enjoy modern science-fiction art that is done bizarre, erotic, and often most beautiful, you might very well love this book (it's not all sci-fi)! I would give this book 5 stars, if some of the images displayed were not so sexual. It's simply a matter of taste. -- Amazon reviewer [...]


The Complete Reprint of Exotique: The First 36 Issues, 1951-1957 (2003) - Arthur C. Danto [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Book cover for "The Complete Reprint of Exotique: The First 36 Issues, 1951-1957"

The fetish background is evident in the cover to ‘Captive in Lace' from Exotique. Note the corsets, gloves and extreme high heels. Also note the suggestively spread legs of the woman.

Exotique magazine was published by Leonard Burtman in New York City between 1955 and 1959. Gene Bilbrew, also known by his pseudonym ENEG, was an artist who contributed work to Burtman's publications but was not the publisher. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exotique_%28fetish_magazine%29 [Jun 2005]

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