Paul Murphy

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Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy was first bitten by the DJ bug in the late 70ís when he was promoting a club night The Kingswood Club and the DJ didn't turn up due to inclement weather.

A string of Chitlin Circuit gigs followed till the big moment finally arrives with the opening Jaffas. at The Horseshoe ,Tottenham Court Road W1. The club was the first to mix jazz with the infant Jazz Dance scene. Guests included British acts such as Morrisey Mullen, Paz, Breakfast Band, Gonzalez and the legendary Heath Brothers (on the night of the Brixton Riots!!).

Further mishaps and adventures followed including a year running a shop (Fusion Records) in Clerkenwell and promoting a concert at the YMCA featuring Brazilian singer/pianist Tania Maria.

Other gigs and clubs Paul Murphy has played include: The Electric Ballroom Camden Town, where Paul started the now legendary Jazz Room, The Wag Club Soho W1, The 100 Club, Oxford Street, London W1, The Comedy Store, London W1 and The Sol Y Sombra, Charlotte Street, London W1.

In 1984 to 1986 Paul ran Palladin Records which released the now seminal Venceremos by London based collective Working Week. He also released LP's by Tommy Chase, Jimmy McGriff and Phil Upchurch amongst many others.

Paul Murphy was also the first WIRE Magazine DJ of the Year in 1985.

Eddie Piller of Acid Jazz rediscovered Paul in Ireland after his mysterious disappearance from the club scene at the beginning of the 90's. Paul took up his offer of a residency at the much-missed Blue Note club in London's Hoxton Square. This put Paul right back in the spotlight and soon offers to record and DJ were pouring in and Paul is now running Afro Art Records, the London based label founded by Ashley Beedle and Marc Woodford.

GILLES PETERSON: 'Paul Murphy is the original Jazz Messenger. He opened the door to an alternative way of Djing. The rest is History.'

ASHLEY BEEDLE: 'One of the biggest influences on the music I play today. A true innovator. Good to see him back.

NORMAN JAY: Probably one of the most respected and influential freestyle jazz DJ's of his generation.Period!

BOB JONES: 'I love the idea of the combination of Paul Murphy's jazz roots brought bang up to date for the new millennium for the whole new audience that's just waiting out there.'

JOHNATAN MOORE/COLDCUT: 'When Paul played the Meltdown parties I ran he would play the most frantic fantastic out there funky jazz I ever heard. A revelation in revolutions.'

Jazz on the Dancefloor

DJs were forced into playing Jazz on the dancefloor even though they didnít want to. In the end the Jazz got so fast, a lot of DJs found it anti-social because a lot of the dancefloors started clearing, leaving just 20 or 30 dancers. So it was inevitable that Straight-Ahead Jazz dance sessions would start. One of the most barrier-breaking DJs was Paul Murphy. He owns a house label now called ĎAfro Artí. He was the saviour and the hero of Jazz-dancing. You can say he was anti-social but he knew his crowd. There was a great Jazz explosion around the country of the most fastest and furious footwork known to man.

Patrick Forge

Having left college in 85 with a degree in philosophy. Patrick found himself hooked up with Jonathan Moore, original founder member of pirate station Kiss F.M and notorious DJ from the then buoyant warehouse scene, soon to be named "Coldcut". Working with Moore at the infamous Reckless Records in Soho, Forge established a wide set of contacts around the still very underground rare groove scene. However, Patricks first love was Jazz, as an ardent follower of the styles originated by the legendary DJ Paul Murphy and the whole cornucopia of jazz-dance, Patrick petitioned the likes of Moore and fellow Kiss DJ Norman Jay to press station boss Gordon Mac to bring in a more dedicated jazz DJ to the roster. Things worked out well with Kiss and Patrick was more than pleased to be part of Londons highest profile pirate radio station with the freedom to broadcast a jazz and fusion based show with a few eccentric selections!

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