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Romain Slocombe (1953 - )

Lifespan: 1953 -

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"...Tokyo is the ideal backdrop to my universe. When a particular image is so powerful in your own psyche, that image dominates the whole view of that city - the image is of injured Oriental women. My work's not only about my obsession, it's about medical fetishism and my fascination with accidents."

City of Broken Dolls () - Romain Slocombe
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Tokyo metropolis. Both in hospital rooms and on the neon streets, beautiful young Japanese girls are photographed in plastercasts and bandages, victims of unknown traumas. These are the "broken dolls" of Romain Slocombe's Tokyo, a city seething with undercurrents of violent fantasy, fetishism and bondage. City of the Broken Dolls is a provocative photographic document of the girls whose bodies bear mute witness to Tokyo's futuristic, erotic interface of sex and technology. --Book Description, amazon.com

Prisoner of the Red Army () - Romain Slocombe
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Influenced in equal part by '70s Japanese porn movies, the bondage art of Eric Stanton, and the revolutionary doctrines of Chairman Mao, this is a modern classic of dominance and submission.


Romain Slocombe was born in 1953 in Paris. His career began as an illustrator and comic artist in the mid-seventies, until he started doing photography in 1992. He is the creator of "Medical Art," work focusing on images of young Asian women in plaster casts and dressings. Slocombe also directs video documentaries (A Floating World and Tokyo Love) and short movies (Woman in Plaster and Weekend in Tokyo), and is currently writing a series of novels. A new book of his erotic photographs taken in Tokyo was released at the beginning of 2001.

Romain Slocombe is a French cartoonist, photographer, painter and filmmaker who is fairly well known in Tokyo and also in France as the "Medical Artist." He takes pictures of young Japanese women wearing cervical collars, bandages, slings, eye patches and casts.

Slocombe got the appellation "medical artist" in 1983 after publishing a compilation of works by various artists all related to medical subjects--a book called "Medical Art". Some of his other works include the following:
"Sad Holidays"
"Prisoner of the Red Army"
A film called "Floating World"
A book called "City of Broken Dolls"

Repeated visits to Tokyo have permitted Roman to hone his skills placing bandages on Japanese subjects. Bandaged people have formed the centerpiece of most of his art captured on film, illustrations, and videos. His distinctive "white bondage" form, which consists of wounded and limping young Japanese girls wrapped in white gauze, has a distinctive aura of erotic sentimentalism which is not easy to reproduce.

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