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Words: Can't say what they mean don't mean what they say --Tom Tom Club

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In the linguistic sense, a word is a unit of speech or writing that symbolizes or communicates a meaning. A word may consist of one or more morphemes. Words have both connotative and denotative meanings; they can be used to refer to both concrete and abstract concepts. Words can be used as both euphemisms and slang.

Microsoft Word is a word processor produced by Microsoft.

In the Christian religion, the Word of God is the second person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ. Word, in this sense, is a translation of the Greek logos which more broadly means reason, principle, standard, logic. Logos also has parallels to the eastern concepts of Tao and dharma.

In hiphop slang, word is an exclamation, though often not spoken in exclamatory voice, indicating deep and complete agreement. This use of the word originates from the Five Percenters mantra that Word is Bond. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Word (linguistics) [Jun 2004]

In the beginning there was the Word

In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God

In den beginne was het Woord en het Woord was bij God en het Woord was God.

Au commencement était la Parole, et la Parole était avec Dieu, et la Parole était Dieu.

Im Anfang war das Wort, und das Wort war bei Gott, und das Wort war Gott.

EN el principio era el Verbo, y el Verbo era con Dios, y el Verbo era Dios.

--Gospel of John (KJV) 1:1-4

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