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Japanese music

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Danny Krivit on DJ-ing in Japan

Danny Krivit of Body and Soul on DJing in Japan: "They basically like more of the rare stuff, I basically play classics that maybe might not get over here, not everybody knows that one, or maybe only a few heads know that. Whereas in Japan, they seem to know more of the rare stuff. They are more into variety and rarities. I certainly have very extreme tastes in music. What I consider the best in what I'm playin, is usually the best reaction I'm getting there. It's very rewarding. "

Japan and Black Music

  • Japanese people have always had a fascination with underground black music.
  • Fumihiko Sato's list of 236 crucial dance cuts (hosted by jahsonic.com)

    Japanese Drum Computers [...]

    Much has been written about Kraftwerk being the originators of house. While this is a nice idea, the truth is far more complex. Due to the relatively cheap availability of drum machines and synthesisers from Japanese companies like Roland (the feted 808 and 909 drum machines both originated in Japan) something was bound to happen anyway. -- John McCready

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