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Joe Claussell (1966 - )

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In the late nineties, there has been the emergence of a new sound in dance music, one that places more emphasis on Latin, African and jazz elements than straight 4/4 beats. This global dance movement can in many ways be traced to Joe Claussell, perhaps the most significant figure to arrive on the scene since the Masters at Work. As a DJ, record store owner, label executive and artist he's been intricately involved with all aspects of music, giving him a unique perspective that's allowed him to avoid the pitfalls of so many pioneers.

Joe Claussell, Francois K. and Danny Krivit were the resident DJs of New York venue Body And Soul. Both 'Abstract Jazz Lounge 1 & 2' and the Joe Claussell/Kerri Chandler produced "Escravos De Jo" are a nice introduction to his work.

A Profile

Since 1996, there has been the emergence of a new sound in dance music, one that places more emphasis on Latin, African and jazz elements than straight 4/4 beats. This global dance movement can in many ways be traced to Joe Claussell, perhaps the most significant figure to arrive on the scene since the Masters at Work. The backlash came in 2001, when music critic Simon Reynolds described this sound as ... all that awfully dreary Afro-Brazilian influenced house ...


Escravos de Jo

The classic Joe Claussell/Kerri Chandler "Escravos De Jo" (Ibadan) is actually a reinterpration of Milton Nascimento track by the same name on his "Milagre Dos Peixes" album.

Joe Clausell "Mix The Vibe"
The Nitegrooves label is known all over the world for its deep and soulful house music.The latest installment in the Mix The Vibe series marks a stylistic turn to the left. Masterfully blended together and turned out by DJ/Producer Joe Claussell, it incorporates selections from the compilations Abstract Jazz Lounge 1 & 2 and Abstract Afro Lounge, in addition to choice selections from the King Street catalog. Claussell transmits his message, capturing the essence of Nitegrooves while embodying the spirit of his Body & Soul-residency. He takes you on a journey through soulful bliss, uplifting rhythms, riveting countermelodies and the organic spontaneity of jazzy influences sprinkled throughout a non-stop expanse of 140 minutes. Also on non-mixed 2LP

Dis Poem - Mutabaruka

[...] a superb re-interpretation of Mutabaruka's "Dis Poem '99" (for those unaware the original came out years ago on NuGroove in a compilation that featured other greats such as "Masai Women" and "Nervous Acid"). What makes Claussell appealing to me is that in a time when there is an abundance of the tech sound his remixes often seem to be much more organic sounding with the end result being a very distinct sound and feel. In that vein, Claussel goes straight to one of the more earthy and tribalistic instruments in many cultures - the wind instrument. The remixes are lead in large part by a full, rich flute and the overall vibe, tempo, and arrangement of the remix, especially the "Flutestumental", makes me think of Frankie Knuckles' "Whistle Song". The Flutestrumental is the highlite for me, but on the flip you have a vocal version utilizing more from Mutabaruka and more emphasis on some very tribal percussion, along with the subtle bassline and sparsely spaced horns used on the "Flutestrumental". A very nice interpretation and another quality release from Guidance. 1999, see also Boyd Jarvis


  • Joe Claussell's Spiritual Life Music [Amazon US] 1. The Prayer (Acroostic Mix) - Jepthe Guillame 2. All Loved Out (Love Serenade Mix) - Ten City 3. Kanpe (Billys Organ Dub) - Jepthe Guillame 4. Nothings Changed (Vocal Mix) - Ten City 5. Mixed Moods - Mateo & Matos 6. Lakou (A Vokal Mix) - Jepthe Guillame 7. Escravos De Jo - Robust Horns - Kerri Chandler/Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell 8. Stubborn Problems (Combination Mix) - Afrikan Jazz 9. Symbols Of Life - Lucho

  • Mix the Vibe - Joe Claussell [Amazon US] Mix CD by Joe with tracks by Ten City, 4 stars out of 5.
    1. Ca Chauffe [Cosmic Dub] - Dimitri From Paris 2. Moments in My Life [Abstract Jazz Remix] - MKL Vs. Soy Sos 3. Village Dance [USG Village Dance] - New African Orchest 4. Straight Magic [Wamdue Experience Mix] - Ananda Project 5. What Do I Gotta Do [Eric Kupper Club Mix] - Urban Soul 6. Hiroshi's Dub [Bonus Groove & Real Life Version] - T.P.O. 7. Esoteric Chakra [Idjut Boy's Head Arse Fusion Band Mix] - Rhythm Doctor 8. That Afro Drums [Unreleased Beats] - Mateo & Matos 9. Skin [Original Abstract Mix] - MKL Vs. Soy Sos 10. Sex [Sextrumental Mix] - Basil 11. The Way I Feel [Kerri's Beats] - Kerri "Kaoz 6:23" C 12. Brighter Days [Original Mix] - Big Moses 13. The Real Thing [Ricanstruction Mix] - Feliciano, Frankie 14. The More You Want [Joe's Dance Tracks Mix] - Groove Box Disc: 2 1. Koté Moun Yo [Francois K Edit] - DJ Hiro 2. Philadelphia [Original Demo] - Brooklyn Friends 3. Season of Love - Blaze 4. Souffles H [King Street Club Mix] - Mondo Grosso 5. Eclipse [Sunset Excursion] - Jask 6. Cascades of Color [Wamdue Black Mix] - Ananda Project 7. Hiroshi' Dub [Bonus Groove] - T.P.O 8. Getaway [Legendary Club Mix] - Basil 9. Sunshower [Original Instrumental] - Terada, Souichi 10. This Luv Is Real [Original Mix] - Jamico 11. Nafara [The Scenic Route Mix] - Mood II Swing 12. Koét Moun Yo [Unrealeased Chanten Dub&Joe's unrealeased Rough Mix] - DJ Hiro 13. Halleluja [6: 23 Beats] - Kerri "Kaoz 6:23: C 14. Love's Been Right Here [Big Moses Original Mix] - Cooke, Stephanie 15. When Can Our Love Begin [The Shelter Beat, The Shelter Dub, Timmy Regis - Kimara Lovelace

  • Music is a Reason to Celebrate - Joe Claussell [Amazon US] Joe Claussell's earliest influences.
    1. Celebration - Mseleku, Bheki 2. Gypsy man (live) - War (1) 3. Sweet talk - Beck, Robin 4. Oba la vem ela - Ben, Jorge 5. Fanga alafia - Drum Dance 6. People hold on - Flint, Earl 7. AIEA mwana - Black Hood 8. To know you is to love you - Syreeta 9. Sunny - Yambu 10. Gay cavalier - Havens, Richie 11. Message (remix) - Ade, King Sunny 12. Changes (Larry Levans mix) - Imagination 13. Mysteries of Life - Michiru, Monday 14. Pagliacci - Maynard Ferguson 15. El cantante - Lavoe, Hector 16. Is this love - Marley, Bob 17. Chris - Metheny, Pat 18. Spanish gypsy - Gasca, Luis 19. Star flight - Band That Came To Earth 20. Erucu - Jackson, Jermaine 21. Optimistic - Sounds Of Blackness 22. Messin' around - Spirit Of Atlantic 23. Let's get together - Todd, Pam & Love Exchange 24. Pagliacci - Ferguson, Maynard

  • VARIOUS - Spiritual Life Music -- Label Compilation [2 CD, Amazon US]
    An incredibly rich selection of tracks -- 20 tunes on 2CDs, pulled together from the globally-conscious catalog of the Spiritual Life label! Spiritual Life know no boundaries -- as their artists bring together a world of influences and instruments, filtering them through the cultural hodgepodge of the current New York scene, into a sound that is beyond compare! The set features some of the best singles on the label over the past 5 years or so. [more on Joe Claussell]
    The other thing about house that is frustrating pour moi is its lack of neophilia and futurist aspiration. Quite the opposite, in fact: people who get into house often seem to take on/buy into this suffocating sense of inheritance and heritage--legacy, tradition, the notion of a noble past that is long-gone, of declining musical standards. The culture is always looking back and honoring its ancestors, rather than looking forward and desecrating them. Connected to this is the curious way that house has become one of the absolute last bastions of muso-dom (solos! 'feel'! light jazzy inflections! swing!) with all its attendant hippy-dippy fusionesque tendencies towards mysticism and "it's all music, man" drivel. Think Joe Claussell's Spiritual Life label, Ashley Beedle's Black Jazz Chronicles, all that awfully dreary Afro-Brazilian influenced house.... -- [more on Simon Reynolds]

  • Language - Joe Claussell [Amazon US] Full length CD by Joe Claussell, haven't heard it yet.

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