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Sensei Chimou Nureki

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Kinbiken [...]

Kinbiken are an independent bondage video company in Tokyo who've been in existence for several years notching up a catalogue of hundreds of videos. They see their work as a continuance of the deep rooted Japanese tradition of rope bondage (shibari) - concentrating on the artistry and aesthetics of the form (anything other than hemp rope just won't do). They hold regular monthly meetings for members to observe their video sessions and learn about SM from one of the most notable ropemasters in Japan - if not the undisputed master - Chimou Nureki. --Trevor Brown, June 1997, http://www.pileup.com/babyart/kinbiken.htm

The Bondage Beauty Research Group (Kinbiken) is a project of Japan's Fujii Planning Corporation. Kinbiken was organized in 1985 by photographer Akio Fujii, Chimuo Nureki, who's Japan's leading authority on traditional and modern bondage techniques, and several models with a special interest in bondage. The group meets once a month, and can now count a total of 1600 past and present members. The real reason for Kinbiken's success is its models, who have a true love and understanding of the beauty of bondage. --http://www.fuji-kikaku.com/

Trevor Brown on Chimou Nureki

That was three years ago (already?) and though my wife and i have maintained friendly contact with Youri i'd not been privileged to attend any further Kinbiken meetings. French artist Romain Slocombe had invoked the wrath of Nureki for disrespect - noisily chatting up models during a meeting he was invited to, so maybe gaijin were deemed not quite so desirable any longer? However, perhaps partly reassured by my ability to pick out rope work by Nureki in a magazine*, last month during afternoon tea with my wife Youri asked if i'd like to attend their next meeting - particularly as it was to feature another of my favourite models - Hiromi Saotome. --Trevor Brown

Japanese SM [...]

The Uramado magazine was launched in 1955, initially a magazine of period novels, it transformed into an S&M magazine around 1960 due largely to the effort of Lida Toyokaru, ex-editor of Kitan Club.

Lida later became the major contributor, known as master roper Nureki Chimou, to the golden days of S&M magazines in the seventies and to the rise of S&M videos later.

With all new directions and designs, Uramado proclaimed on the cover to be "the most extraordinary S&M magazine in the country". The magazine nurtured talented photographers like Yoshida Kyu and Fujisawa Shu and artist, Nakagawa Ayako.

The magazine also printed lots of photos and pictures imported from overseas via Phoenix Co.

Morishita Takashige of Phoenix had contacts with many "maniacs" and "collectors" of the US West Coast, such as John Willie and Fakir Musafar, then the publisher of fancy, the world's first modern primitive magazine. Incredibly, Musafar had already paid a visit to Japan and was introduced by Kanta Mori (Morishita) as an exponent of anomalous piercing mania, in Fuzoku Kiton magazine.

Unfortunately Uramado crached in the mass suppression of similar publishers in the 60's.

The demise of Uramadosignalled the end of a golden era of "abnormal" magazines in the post-war period.

Youji Muku

Youji Muku was the editor of the Japanese S&M magazine Uramado. When he was 40 years old, he made his professional debut as an artist, specializing in erotic pencil drawings of bondaged women. When he died at age 72, he left an impressive oeuvre. A selection of Youji Muku's comics, prints and illustrations have been collected in the book 'Jyo' ('Rope').--http://www.lambiek.net/muku_youji.htm

Masami Akita on Chimou Nureki

I met Chimou Nureki of KINBIKEN when I went to research a commission for 'The Archives of Sub-Culture' (a kind of library of SM history). I never knew him previously. We talked about seppuku and I discovered he was an expert in the field. That was about three years ago. I also met Youri Sunohara at this first meeting. A week later I sent him my first book. He replied promptly and invited me to his next harakiri video session. Nureki and Youri took me to Asakusa, a very traditional (1920's) downtown sector of Tokyo, and bought a special knife for seppuku. We discussed bondage and harakiri. I was invited to their monthly sessions and our friendship and common interest grew. I explained that I made music and Nureki was interested in using this for their performances. We also swapped ideas and wanted to collaborate more closely. And so it went on... Nureki has been a very good teacher for me. I was inspired by their activities as previously I had been really bored with normal Japanese SM. It had lost the traditional beauty/abnormality. I like to support that. Masami Akita in an interview with Trevor Brown

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